Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013

Elder Payne and i are doing fantastic! it is elder paynes birhtday today and yesterday we had a wonderful experience and privelage to have Elder Cornish of the quarm of the 70 here to give a devotional and family home evening i got to be interviewed by him! it was amazing he read my mind and knew exactually what to say he told me that if i am greatfull for everything i will feel the spirit more and when i feel the spirit i feel more gratitude! 
We are teaching a few people, one is vandick he is an amazing man he reads the scriptures and understands them so well and he is just starting to pray to ask if the book of mormon is true. he knows it is true he is just wanting a sign or something he keeps telling us that he feels great when reading and before and after reading he feels evilness surround him but when he is reading he feels the spirit and he cant put it down. hopefully this week when we teach him the apostacy and how to properly pray he will recieve the witness he is looking for!

 George town is quite a ways out of town so we stay the night in kingstown till tuesday its nuts how we are able to work things out here. i have not stopped working out logistics here like we did back home its just for a different purpose sorta both are life changing events for people this is just a long river trip with no river and a lot more work and walking involved! haha one thing with the sisters car they couldn't get there hood up everyone in the zone tried and couldn't. this was a few weeks ago and then yesterday i saw a dent in the hood so i went over and pulled the latch to unlock it from inside the car. Then i walked up to the front and everyone said it wont open and so, knowing me, i opened it in no time and they were all amazed and i was amazed at how simple it was to open lol but alas i didn't get the dent out its covered but i will get it out soon haha i still love cars! 
On the other hand i love this gospel more it has been such a great experience being back here it was hard at first and i wanted to come home, but haveing Elder Cornish and President Mehr here with me i got excited for the work again.  i love this gospel and i am thankfull for you all and for the great example all the guides and people in the branch are i love everyone of them and i miss you all dearly but the work bust go on! 

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