Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

thanks mom! the assistants called me on friday and told me i am being transfered to trinidad! so its going to be a new experience! i am super excited to go and start out fresh when i got here i had a fire burning and then the senior couple work that we had to do just put us into a nose dive strait into the ground and its been so hard trying to get out of that rut being in this area so the lord really knows that i need a fresh stary in arema trinidad! maybe keith served there that would be really cool if he did! i could check his investigators and members! that would be awesome!!!!! this time i have had with Elder Dohrman has been short but schweet!! he is an awesome missionary and he truly has a desire to serve and help everyone he comes into contact with its so amazing how much attitude means to everyone and if someone has a bad attitude people nodice and a good attitude people trust! anyways im glad that you are home cold safe and sound! there was no damage here from the storm but ya the lightning was amazing!!! i sat up in the window a few times to watch it and it sceemed that it was always flazhing super bright and super loud thunder like it was right there but i was way to tired to stay up and watch it so i fell asleep! 

donna emailed me about her baptism and she sceems soooo stinkin happy! she is awsome! i pray that i can have that much of the spirit with me and the attitude that she has toward the church and heavenly father. 
i am so excited to go to trinidad and be able to serve the people there i am out of the mud of a rough time and startin off fresh and excited!!!! and i get a car haha im drivin big supprize haha im not to excited but at least i have driven a little here so i have gotten used to driving on the left! it sceems normal now it will take a while to get used to driving back home again but it should be fine! anyways i love you all so much thanks for being there for me so inspiring! Love ELder Jed Hazlett

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

I like your profile picture it reminds me of the view i see every day when i walk out of the apartment! hahaha its so amazing here this week my companion is going home and there is still no work permits and so we will only have three Elders on the island who knows maybe someone will be leaving the island i hope it is not me!!! i love this place! well i dont have to much time but this last week we were in a threesom and we were walkin down the road when smeone yelled out to us its the three wisemen from afar so from now on i am calling it a three wise men! it was awesome! 

if you were here it would be easy to think about the river because it is warm almost to warm but thats okay! i only have gotten a little distracted with it! i heard dad and Eli went skiing that makes me jellous! i am so excited to go with him when we get back that will be so fun!!! any ways im sorry to have to run but we have a fhe appointment at 5 and so we will have to be real quick! i love you all so much! keep up the great work! happy holidays!!!!! 

ps thanks for sending the package i think its really needed! it should get threw just fine! by any chance did you remember how much it weighs?? love Elder Hazlett 

um i will be able to skype but we have not figured that out yet it is chaos as of now! my world could be fliped upside down on wendsday! so i will let you know! the senior couple is leaving for a week as well so it all is probably guna be dumped on me! :/ i guess it will be good for me! lol just like runnin highwater cat for the first time!!! haha enjoy the snow!

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

it scared me when I read that you were sending zaks package to the mission home I thought you were talking about me! lol I have had a hard time getting into the christmas spirit because it is so warm here its hard but we decorated our apartment and it has turned out really helpfull! my companion and I have been getting along a lot better now I have learned to better serve and to help him when he is not on his a game he is super trunkie because he goes home in a week and a half and that's why I have been struggleing because it makes me trunkie! but as we went on a hike the other day to cool some steem and it was with an investigator and member we were able to blow off some steem and I carved a wooden knife from a stick that I found! it was great! it really helped me Elder Cornish told me to widdle because it is something physical with me hands and everyone knows that I am a hands on kinda person and that's how I can handle stress! it was great! the senior couple is not legally on the island but they are here and doing what they can which is great because it has allowed us to do missionary work as we are suppost to! anyways sorry I gotta keep it short some good socks would be nice! and maybe some skittles or twikies! :) love you all and happy birthday to eli!!! love ya! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

This week was a blast! we didn't realize that you need to thaw the turkey for so long but everything turned out alright! no one got sick! this week i have been thinking alot of the great examples i have had in my life and one person stuck out to me Brian Nelson as we went to get new tires for the cars that we have i watched as the guy put them on and it really took me back to all the times in the shop with him and everything i learned from him and also he helped me and encouraged me when i didnt think i could do things he has made me realize that our weaknesses are truly a blessing!! for if i didn't have the weaknesses that i have i wouldnt learn! i would just be there but those weaknesses nake it so everything is worth the fight! and of coarse i cant make this totally trunkie so i related it to the gospel! i may not have the strongest or toughest hands heck i can hardly open a coke bottle now but thats because i have put down the wrench and picked up the gospel! and it has truly make me realize what ether was saying in chapter 12 that our weaknesses are there so we will work on them and thats how they become strong!  

in the spirit of christmas we put up some christmas lights in our apartment and made a ton of snowflakes it was so much fun singing carols and stuff! yesterday at church it was a recipie for disaster it was fast sunday and it was raining and also the medical students have finals this week but all in all we had good attendance usually when it rains alot of the locals here stay inside its pretty funny but most of the people cane and we even had an investigator there it was awesome!!! 

The senior couple are on the island for a time so we can train them on what they need to do befor Elder dall goes home on the 17th hopefully we get the work permits so everything is not dumped on me to do all that stuff! i know i am not able to do the things that need to get done but if it comes it will probably be a treat blessing for me! for we would have to go talk to high people in the government and stuff like that and also work on computers! which i can learn it will just take some time and the lords help it will be an interesting christmas! it will be good though! the lord will provide!!! anyways i love you all and tell holly and violet that i love them and yes holly i see that you got two cats! i saw the pictures! they are wonderful!!! love ya love Elder Hazlett