Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014

this week has been slow again but it was a great one as well it seems that the closer to the end it comes the faster it goes! time is fling by really quickly! but it is going great! i love serving the lord despite all my challenges! and yes i have a lot of them! but being out here on a mission i have truly learned to work with them! Yesterday was our thanksgiving dinner and our mission president invited us all up the the mission home and the mission president gave a few min talk on gratitude and love and how there interrelated it was awesome and also we were hanging out at the mission home and just being thankful for things! and i was just wondering around and my A.D.D kicked in and i was just wandering around not really knowing what to do and it looked as though i was looking for something and i walked up to a senior sister and the mission presidents wife and they asked what i was looking for and i told them nothing its just the A.D.D kickin in with to many people around and nothing for me to really do and so they gave me a quiet place and a book to read for a few min and it helped for a while then later i could not sit still untill i grabed a pillow and held it in my lap! and listined to a story that the mission Presidents friend was sharing! its amazing how the lord works! also on sunday the Mission President came to church with us and it was totally inspired i love this gospel and how it truly changes people we got the branch all set up to rebuild the branch so that it wont close down! i love this branch way to much to see it go under! i truly love this gospel! i know that this church is true and that god Lives and loves us! i am so thankful for you all and the wonderful influence you are to me! With Love Elder Hazlett 

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

I believe the lord is trying to teach us all a lesson the missionaries and expecally the members! to try our faith! its hard but I know the lord is in it! I truly do love this work and I know that the lord will bless us I happened to glance threw the noember ensign and one thing that stood out to me was a talk from the general womens meeting it was talking about how we think that God is waiting to bless us and all we need to do is obey but in reality its more like God is continually raining blessings on us and we are holding an umbrella over us because of fear and sin and things!

any ways the hardest thing everyone knows for me is paperwork but that's okay as I have been continually trying my best the lord will and does help us! yes I get terribly Frustrated! every time that happens I remember back to when I was doing homework and I would get to the point of crying because I couldn't do it and then all of a sudden it would click! and I would finish it but what I have learned is right before I get to that point of crying I say a prayer and I am able to get threw it much easier and I learn exactly what the lord wanted me to  learn! I guess that's why he gave us weaknesses so that we may be humble and rely on him a lot more than we do! so as we pray and study the scriptures daily we will be a happy and delightsome people!  

on the other hand if we don't do that then the lord will bind our toungs so that we cannot speak ind that is terably frusterating! it doesn't help not being able to speak properly! I just need to think about what I am saying before I say it and that takes a long time but if we trust in the lord and study the gospel and treasure up in our minds continually the words of life then it will be given you in the very hour yea in the very moment that which will be mended to every soul! I now that is true! and I just quoted that because I am not sure ware exactly in d&c it is but I know it is there! I love you all and I hope everything goes great with the play and such! Sincerely Elder Hazlett

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

this week has been a really trying week for all of us so sad to hear about Taylor.  Jake, the lord has something in store for them thank goodness for the plan of salvation! i know that it is sad but thanks to the priesthood and temples were able to live with god again! its truly amazing how the lord works sometimes we may not understand what is going on or why but we just have to have the faith that the lord will help us threw our trials! this week has been very hard for us here with the whole branch sceeming to turn on the branch President because he is not fufilling the role of branch President alot of people are falt finding people honestly if i was in his shoes with the trials that he has i dont think i would want to face them eather! were trying to work with him and his family the best that we can! its truly an honor to be able to serve and help those that are in need! i truly love this gospel! and i am so thankful for the oppurtunity that i have to serve others! i love this gospel! and i am so thankful for all that you have done for me and for others! now as for the essay it was really thrown together because i ran out of time and i am to stubborn to forward it lol but anyways it was ok i guess! ill stick to fixing things and driving! anyways i love you All Love Elder Jed Hazlett