Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Transfers came this week and i have been assigned to go to the island of grenada! my comp. and i are blanking the area so it will be interesting! but im excited to go! yesterday was a great day in church we had two of our members speak and then Elder dickerson who was transfered in the middle of the week to be with us and he bore his testamony and then because i am leavin i was able to bare my testamony and everyone there complimented on how quickly i have gotten out of my shy state and how much more relaxed and relyant on the spirit i am it was really good! then it was also my turn to teach gospel prncipal's class and the whole time i kept thinking to my self this is not me teaching this is the spirit! it was a great lesson! 

Bro. cain is a boss he is not all there in the head but he knows the church is true and he loves the missionarys. this friday i went on splits with him and Elder Payne and Elder dickerson went to teach someone else it was great the lord teaches in very crazy but cool amazing ways Elder Payne gets annoied with brother Cain but i find him awesome however he does say things that shouldnt be said or in the wronk way but thats okay i love teaching with him. sadly i am leaving to grenada so i wont teach with him any more but i bet i will have some great experiences there! since i am leaving i am so far away from george town and i thought i had them but it turns out that i left my camera battery charger in our appartment and also the card reader and the cord so hopefully i will find a way to get it back ill get it one way or the other just wont be sending pictures soon :( o well on the good note we went to the beach again today and played frisbee and cricket it was a blast!  this next area is called St.Georges Gran anas and from what i hear its the city part of the island so it should be interesting. well i gotta email President Mehr still i love ya so much and im so gratefull for the example you and dad have set for me!!! love Elder Jed Hazlett

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

thats awesome that holly is doing so well with school and also eli! the only reason i wanted to go to school was to play in the sand box and eat the lunch haha but i learned alot!!! im really glad that the chris and ivy thing went over so well i was a but worried but then i knew chris and ivy would be just fine chris is a great guy just makes a joke about it! haha this last week was a rough one again because we cot back into our area and everything was fine and then elder payne got sick again so most of the week we stayed inside! i have gotten better and staying still though! and then today we had the oppertunity to hike up to mtn la seufrea its the volcano on the island and its about 3/4 the way of the dolls house and not quite as steep! and so naturally i was in my flips and everyone else was in tennis shoes and they were all makeing fun of me and all i said was KEEP UP and so naturally i stoped every so often because we were walking threw the rain forest and its very foresty! so every 30 seconds or so i had to stop because i would be out of sight from the others! lol it was surly funny! it was amazing being up there ill send some pictures when i get a chance! or maybe ill just have sister Bird put them up on facebook for me! this next week is transfers and so ya we get our calls this week and hopefully we will get two more missionarys out in george town because the area is huge and we have not hard;y touched it let alone sceen it we have been within 5 miles of our house and thats about it! were walking so it is difficult but we do catch travel via van sometimes! its a really dessolate place hopefully we will get a car this next transfer probably not but im hopeing because then we would not have to worrey about packing all of our stuff to spend the night in town in our backpacks! its nuts because we travel back it takes about an hour on a very windy road and we have to take our grosheries on the packed van with our bags back to george town its alot of fun!! wel i love ya hope to hear from ya soon! Love Elder Hazlett!! or as everyone calls me here elder hazleo lol 

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Eli is going to be the best missionary the world has ever known!!! I recently taught the gospel principals class a couple weeks ago and the lesson was on the holy ghost. i really wish i could remember things better i have been working on it but sometimes i just get so frusterated i have to go do the dishes or something the book of mormon battles that you gave me has all the b. of m. charictors in it and Elder payne and i play that we read the description and if we get it right on the first try we get the points so far i have not won a game but i am getting better and it has really made the scriptures come to life for me its amazing 
for Eli How the holy ghost changed my life. I remember i was just about your age playing with the tonka trucks in the sand box and with chloe and i was not having a good day i had a rough day at school and when i got home ivy and zak were fighting and being kindof rude to me so i went outside and was playing when a scripture came into my head that mom had read to me a few weeks before its ether chapter 12 verse 27 and that day was some big thing at school i cant remember what it was but it was improtant for school and i knew because i couldnot remember how to spell or i would get the numbers mixed up in math that i did not do good at all in fact i think i failed it and everyone made fun of me!  and when this scripture came into my mind i was over whelmed with the spirit i began to cry but not  sad tears they were happy tears and it felt like someone was hugging me and i felt totally at peace and happy and at that moment i knew that the gospel is true and i could never deny it i knew it was true because how others told me but i knew then that it is true. now im sorry that i am not the best example to you as an older brother but i am doing my best and noone understands you like your heavenly father does and i know that for a fact he loves you so very much and i promis that if you read and pray about the book of mormon every day even a verse i promis you will always have the spirit with you and any time you can pray i would always pray on the river when i was rowing threw a rapid or something it was great and i learned to talk with heavenly father and to hear him threw the spirit this las two weeks my companion has been sick so we have been stuck inside most of the time and i have learned to love the book of mormon and i have become a faster reader i have been reading 70 pages in just three hours its nuts i started a couple days ago and already im in mosiah and if you know me that is a very good read but i have become so close with the saviour jesus christ and also if i remember right 2 nephi chapter 29 talks about the holy ghost and also moroni chapter ten verse 5 and 6 they are amazing love ya my kid brother! love Elder Jed!

its so good to hear that everyone is doing so well i am so happy for everyone and all the work that has been going on the drought has been lifted off of the area of moab and the spirit is flowing forth yet again well i better email President Mehr i love you all and miss you so so much Love Elder Hazlett

August 12, 2013

thats fantastic!!! im so glad to hear that eli, weston, jessie and connie are doing so well. I heard that sarah is trying to get an internship with the hospital till january so she would be a great friend to here. its sad that sam woodward passed away he will be rememberd and missed. he is with the lord now! 

this week went by really fast on tuesday i went on tradeoffs with Elder creech and he is in caliaqua ware i was when i first came out, it was so good to see the people we went and saw brother lewis who was feeling sorta down on himself and so we talked to him about the sacrament and the spirit was so strong and then he went teaching with us for the rest of the day and in the night we saw the shallow family who remembered me really well and when i walked in they acted as like an angel had appeared it was so good they have been really less active lately and so i basically was prompted by the spirit to teach about gratitude and we sang "count your many blessings" and they came to church yesterday and they are a happy family but alas they are not in our area so we dont see them. 

In our area we have been teaching karen who is a refearl from a very strong member and her consern is she has been baptized already and she feels that she doesn't have to be baptized to be a laterday saint and we had another member with us who is lot all there in his head but he is a great guy. we were teaching her and bro. cain asked (in the middle of the lesson when the spirit was so strong) elders have you commited her to baptism yet? and imedatly the spirit left the room and they started argueing and so i shared a scripture about the spirit and brought back the spirit and then we closed the lesson. we just need to be pacient with her and she will understand the authority of god the priesthood! 

Elder Payne has been sick for a couple days again this week and i really felt homesick and i wroght you a letter but i have yet to send it! i will when i wright a couple more letters that i have for people in the fam. and branch! also in about 9 hours i read 174 pages in the book of mormon it is really starting to come to life for me!  i hope natali and kendsie are doing good in getting ready to go they will be great missionarys give chris a big hug for me!! i really wish i coulda sceen him before i left but thats ok ill see him just now!! 

on a funny note we were teaching a guy who smoked alot and so he was not mentally sound and we were teaching about the true church of god and we explained how there could only be one true church on the earth today and then we asked so how many churches are true today on the earth? and he kinda stared off into space for a secont and then looked at us and said tree? meaning three but they dont say the h lol i about burst out laughing and the lesson was not goin anyware so patience is what it will take with him so ya its good elder payne needs patience lol 

well with me i have gotten better at lofe in general i still am horrable at spelling and people make fun of me all the time but thats just fine i dont focus on the bad stuff i focus on the good! anyways i love you loads!!! Love elder Jedediah Hazlett