Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

the weeks comming i believe will be the hardest of my life and yet the best! A because its the start of the summer and B because i am still having a hard time focusing on the work! its so frusterating to me trying to focus on the work so hard and then i am alla sudden above the big drops gettin ready to drop into the red wall! then just when the wave is about to crash over me my companion says not Elder hazlett is going to tell us about this part of the lesson! ugh! i am at a total loss at what i am suppost to do! its so hard but its worth it! i feel if i take medication for it i will get depressed lol so ill just stick with it trying to get threw! its the last week of  the transfer and everyone in the zone is out of money except for us and the sisters! and o of coarse! i have found something that keeps my hands busy! cleaning! needless to say that our appartment is real clean! its funny! it makes it a bit easier to focus and thing! it is no doubt the hardest thing to be here and to be doing this work and yet it is so simple to love the people i guess thats what i am here for! to get to love the people my companion is awesome he is supper smart for a farm boy. he is the serious one and i am the  goof ball that i have always been! its been great comming here and being able to serve the lord i love this gospel! and i know that i have been called of god to be here the people here arre so friendly! i Love it here its way good to see that the sacrafices that we are making for the lord will only make this work go by faster! i try not to count down but its just crazy! I love being here every morning i wake up i try to be excited about what i am going to do today! its fun! anyways i love you all so Much did you send the shoes yet? Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

thats awesome!!! the warehouse is lookin fantastic! today is easter monday and since the people here love holidays and long weekends this last friday was whats called good friday and so alot of places were closed and then today is easter monday and so naturally alot of places are closed! but there is one email shop open today in our area! it is a small area but it is worth every effort! sadly the stores are closed :( we meed people every day who are ready to hear the gospel! now lately the lessons we have been teaching to people and the studies have been focused alot of the family! tis makin me trunky! haha Anyways! its been a great week daria was baptized and we are lookin forward for zedia's this saturday! and tonight we have a family home evening with daria and her family her step dad is not a member and cridesizes everything about the church and its actually quite funny to see what people critisize and yet they know absolutly nothing about it! i think we will show him the mountain of the lord! which is about them building the temple in salt lake city it is realy cool a newspaper writer is interviewing church President Wilford Woodruff Just before the dedication of the temple and then the writer want to enter the temple! it is really cool! he comes with a not so good understanding and then he has a brighter recolection of what it is actually about! ITS AWESOME anyways and last night we had a house meeting with another recent convert and had a couple of his neabors over to play scripture seek! i was supprized at how much i knew! lol lexy is gettin hitched to shea right? man you really want to make me trunky! hahaha o well ill just think of the vernal tennis team and that wont make me so trunky! hahaha this afternoon we are going to a ward activity and because dad said it we will be wearing our proseliting clotes to it! haha i love you dad! your my hero! anyways thanks so much for everything you do for me and also mom for your inspiring words you always sceem to say exactly what i need! tomorrow il be teaching a part of district meeting and ill be teaching on obedience! lol thank you i love ya! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

dad haha I have been prayin for the strength to focus on the work! and you all know how hard it is for me to focus! I know that the lord will help us both just remember the lord is with us and will strengthen us this summer will be hard for both of us but its the sacrifice that we need to make for the lord my hardest thing is keeping my thoughts on the work here and usually the slightest thing will sidetrack me I have been praying for heavenly fathers help to help focus and better myself and I feel that my desires have changed! I look at people differently with love learning that I truly care about others! im glad that the aspen trip went well id love to see some pictures of an s-rig I have told some people about them and they wan to see. it looks like the water will be good for this year that's exciting!!! hows hite lookin dad? Ok that's enough trunky talk for me! this week is dariah's baptism she is 16 her mom and brother were baptized a few years ago and she is super excited to become a member of the church! she is awesome supper excited! also we have a lady named Zedia who is in her 60's I believe and we have a baptismal date for the 26th snd s couple other people one named Karen who has three cute kids we took them to an easter egg hunt on saaturday and the primary kids really enjoyed them and really fellowshipped them well! that's crazy facebook is so great! when I was in grenada it has a lot of medical students and the best way to get ahold of them is on facebook! since we were not authorized to use it! we had to call people until someone answered and then they posted on facebook that we needed help! I think the missionaries might have an account now! I totally understand if there are short emails I can take pictures just as well! there easier to see haha :) the shoes that I was thinkin about are the chaco shoes not the ones that look like tennis shoes or the ones with no laces but the ones that are like a boot but if you cant deside the chaco like ones would be good I just need something with a tighter better fit the boot ones are like hiking shoes but they still look good thanks for all you do for me! if you don't want to send the shoes I can buy some down here but they aint chacos haha o well pray about it haha Love you Love Elder Jed Hazlett

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

dad your not rigging this one alone! heavenly father is with you and he is the best boat rigger there is and besides your amazing so im sure you can handle it! how is the water lookin for this year? I hear that the weather has been kinda crazy! I know that the lord will bless us all and as Elder bednar stated that this is just the load that we need to have the spiritual traction to get and keep going! I really enjoyed that talk! it reminded me of all the good times getting wood and also going sleddin :) I love this gospel and I am so thankful for this experience to serve here in the west indies! its been crazy I have learned that we need to put the things that are not important at the moment an there moment! for me it has been really hard to forget about the river or the trucks because that is my life and havin add don't help at all! but I have been tryin to always have the articles of faith or a scripture memorized reciting it in my head and that has really helped me! of coarse it doesn't help when the senior missionaries call me and ask if they can book a river trip! haha its ok though that's what helps me relax a bit at night I just picture myself on top of the food boxes of an s-rig or on the deck of a row boat on a paco pad the beds here are not as comfortable as a paco I wish I had mine haha o well ill have it just now! this week has been difficult the members here have kinda lost trust in the missionaries and so they don't want to come teaching with us we just both got transferred in and so far we have had 2 member lessons in the last two weeks! I don't know what to do! haha I have been prayin aout it and something that came to my mind is activitys and so I hope to start an activity night here hopefully it will be good! I love being here on the mission! I have learned so much and it sceems that my attention span has grown drastically sadly my spelling has not! but that's why they have awesome computers haha any ways I love this gospel and I cannot see me ever leaving Love ya Keep strong and of good courage! memorize scriptures they will help you work miricles!!!! Love Elder Hazlett
ps. the mailing system here is fine south amarica is under some kind of disturbance I think it is the dark force! however here it an island and there for not affiliated with them haha its great! so ya the best way would be to send it regular mail or if your sending a package I would love to have those boot like style chaco shoes that I got I can polish them and get them lookin good I am in a walkin area now ant they would be very nice! Love Ya Love Elder Hazlett