Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

this week has gone by so fast! i truly do love this gospel and i am so thankful for the oppurtunity that i have to be able to serve the lord here in the west indies! nothing to exciting happened this week we taught a sweet guy named Dan and he was supper cool and excited about the gospel we hope to meet with him again soon i am truly thankful for all the the lord has done for us all! i cant really talk much cuz our Mission President is having us wright an essay on the book of mormon study that we just completed and you know me and essay's are not good friends! lol so maybe ill wright some more when i am done love you! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

this week started out long and ended with a bang!!! o man it was fun 

the beginning of the week started out SLOW with me being sick monday evening and tuesday we had district meeting and we got back in our area at 3 and still had studies to do so we got out to work at 5 it was rough! but Wednesday things started to pick up and we began to go finding because our teaching pool is about 2 people and so we went finding most of the week! we were not able to really see many people and the people that we did see they were eather interested interested in us as white young men or not interested at all just willing to talk just so they could go back inside and do there thing thats how almost every day was then saturday came around and Lydia was baptized and it was such a cool Experience!!!! my first time baptizing someone in a chapel font i was real nerves. but i had the miscle memory from doing baptisms it was no problem! my bigest worrie was that i would say the prayer for the dead lol but it went great one try smooth run greased it then after the baptism we went back and went finding again and the same thing then we went to a less active's house to find him drunk he spent about 10 mins just slaping me until he felt better it was very interesting testamony that one should not drink!!! then sunday was the bang!!! we get to the church at 8:30 to open it and get ready for church and there is no power in the area so we had no lights or fans and to top it all off the water is run on an electric pump so no water eather lydia was confirmed and no problems with that we desided to only have sacrament because the building was really warm! and druing the last talk niketta Lydias 16 year old daughter who is 5 months Pregnant passed out because the heat and has a seizure we were able to take care and she and the baby are doing okay now luckily this has happened before with her and also that is the third time something like that happened in church i really love the people here!! i always find it funny that they live in a caribbean country and if it is to hot or to cold things like that happen deffinatly nt used to climat changes at all! any ways  thats an acount of this week i the average life Of Elder Hazlett wes very odd but hey there is never a dull moment!! Love You ALL Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

interesting i have been sick a few times mainly with sinus infection stuff and apparently i suffer from migrain headachs i guess thats what i think it is if caffiene helps then idk the last couple nights i have had a hard time sleeping because of my sinuses but i have some spray stuff that works great but it only lasts for about 4 hours! last night we stayed at the senior couples home and it was a really rough night i started out on the floor and ended up in a recliner chair! my companion was really confused when he woke up in the middle of the night and didnt see me on the floor but looked up to see me in the chair it was funny he is great he is from alaska and is going to go into the airforce to be a fighter piolet! then today we went to the beach to play some volleyball and when we got there the net was mashed up and so i and Elder Jeppson proceeded to tie it up and fixed it enough for us to play it was still low but hey it worked great!! kinda! any ways Lydia is preparing to be baptized this weekend she is supper solid and we are stoked for her and later next month her 16 year old daughter is preparing but were not so sure about her because she is pregnant and of coarse not married so we will be working with her a bit more! there supper cool though! the sucess that we had this week is that we had 30 people at church it was awesome it looked full and sure enough it was a bit it was great! okay so the senior couple here are the batemans and they are amazing they own a dairy farm 45 min south of provo and they are supper cool also he told me that getting a cow is way to much work than what its worth so dad we best stick with boats and trucks! haha there a bit easier its alot of fun being here and i really do love it one thing that i have learned and struggle with is that after a little while my brain just shuts off and i cannot get it to start up again this last week i went on a trade off in a next area and i was supper happy and excited about the work then when i got back to my area i was not so excited the only thing i can explain it as is add! lol its more than in the moment and i believe i have learned a bit on how to control it starting by doing something that i want to do telling myself that i want to learn and i want to study the scriptures truly having the desire to do it! of of coarse not getting a good nights rest it just makes it that much harder to wake up on time! hopefully ill be able to do my best this last couple months! I truly do Love this gospel and i love you all o so much! Love Elder Hazlett 

ps i think eli got the idea for doing the girls hair from me lol i did it a few times i saw it on facebook! LOL

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

this week i was feeling kinda frusterated as i have sceemed to let myself get distracted a bit and elder ballards talk came at me like hitting the red wall at 80000 cfs! and it made me realize that i need to pay attention to everything not just the river and driving i thought about it! when i am totally focused i can and do zone everything out i can still hear everything going on i just only focus on one thing! as usual the hardest thing is gettin on the river or gettin the ball roling in missinary work! bear with me im typing fast because i am excited so sorry about the spelling and grammer
this week i was feeling depressed and over whelmed and home sick and i had the oppurtunity to have an interview with the mission President and he directeded me to a senior missionary who is a mental health something or other but he helped me threw things and i was able to feel happy again threw the atonement fo christ is for everything and any challenges that we face remember the lord has suffered all things! and is able to help if we mearly ask i am so thankful for the wonderful leaders that we have here in the mission and in life! I truly do love this gospel! i am so thankful for the love that the savior has for us all and i feel just as enos felt he says " and now it came to pass that when i had heard these words I began to feel a desire for the welfare of my brethren" such a powerful statement that is that after we utalize the atonement in our lives we WILL feel a desire to help othere! thats probably why i love helping others!!! i truly do love this gospel! and i am thankful for everything that has been going on in my life! I truly do love you all and i love being here Love Elder Hazlett

ps my return date is december 16

thank you dad for being the wonderful example that you are to me i truly do love you and you have always been there when i needed a friend i love you and your amazing your example has made me want to always be better and to always try my best and most of all think before i act! like just now i was foing to ask you to look for a cummings swap for the duelie and a rebuild kit fro the pimp but that will wait i just wanted to say hi and thank you for all the einsiring things that you say to me love you dad! lookin froward to spending some time with you soon Love Elder Hazlett