Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Thank you so much for the inspiring words!!! The things that you say to me every week, are really helpful, even if they don't seem so important they really are! Before i begin i have a few business items to take care of first off my debit card expires in march, and i will probably need a new one! If you send it in the mail it will get to me just fine! :). Also this next week is Carnival and it is not good so next week we will be able to email on Wednesday. During Carnival, we are required to stay inside for Monday and Tuesday.
Now, for the fun part!! This week has been great, A little slow but it turned out alright. It was stake conference, and we were able to hear from the stake and mission Presidents, as well as Sister Mehr. Elder Gamiette of the 70 who was the mission President before President Mehr also got to address us, it was awesome. Only one investigator (Eutriz) showed up for church but she loved it! The rest of the week was good. It has been a little hard, but hey that's life! ITS AMAZING  how much time flies when your having fun!
Today for our activity, we had the opportunity to go to the beach. It was a long drive! We drove after getting lost and getting rear ended by the sister missionaries that were following us (there used to walking and riding bikes)  the impact was not hard so nothing happened to the cars it was just funny. When we got to the beach; after almost 3 hours, we played football (American style) and i forgot how to play it! Ha ha o well it was a lot of fun! then we went and got bake and shark which is like a scone and fried shark inside it! it was great, taste just like fish! ha ha o and one of the Elders here has an amazing memory and he can recite movies from begging to end and so we had him do the Incredibles and it was amazing! i wish i could do that and then to bring the spirit back because that's probably not the best thing to listen to we had him do the 20 min restoration video! It was a great way to Spend the car ride, it was awesome and we even tuned it to the MOTAB song at the right time! its been a great day! long day though!

anyways my studies are hard i try so hard to keep up with our reading schedule, but i really want to study 30 min in the book of Mormon and 30 in preach my gospel. There just is not enough for me to be able to keep up so when i get a ways behind, ill jump up to ware everyone is reading. Its probably not the best thing, but our mission president really wants us to be reading the same thing to build mission unity! Its awesome i have learned and grown so much. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve at this time! i hope everything is going great in Moab! i love you all so much keep up the hard work Love Elder Hazlett

Ps: can you send me a picture of the GMC of the front of the truck it would be awesome to make a planner cover like i did with the pimp daddy! Love Ya   

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

this week was transfer week and as you may guess it was a bit slower! we only taught 18 lessons the whole week but despite the trials the lord took over what we were not able to do for ourselfs and he blessed 5 investigators and 4 less active members who have not been to church for like 5 years to have the desire to attend church! We were so happy to see them and all of them showed up early to church! it was truly humbling to see that desire light up in there lives! i know this gospel is true and that the lord loves us all as his children! i am so thankfull for the time that i have to spend here. 

our appartment doesnt really have an address i just know how to get there lol its just in the back of an older couples house and its preaty big! there are 4 missionaries in this apartment and sometimes its rough but alot of the time it is really good to have roleplays with 4 people instead of just two! The Church is not in an industrial area its surounded by houses and on the one side of it there is a church! its great though! if you go onto and go onto the meeting house locator in the quick links and search arima trinidad it will pull it up! its great! any ways i love you all and sadly i have run out of time i hope Everything is going great for you all have fun and keep up the hard work! time flys when your havin fun! love you all love Elder Hazlett

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

i was guna wish you happy birthday last week but i got totally distracted!
our Elders quarm president is competing for first place in a michael jackson dance competition he is super good!
this week was transfer calls and i am supprizingly staying here with my companion Elder Grange! he is awesome and really helps me Expecally memorizeing and such! he is such a great guy! he reminds me alot of chris andrew! any ways the couple people that we had set for baptism fell are not lookin so hot for this week but we still have one set as our goal! so we are prayin for a miracle! as preach my gospel teaches pray for and expect miricles!
it sounds like everything is going great back home! ill always struggle bein away from home! (the river) but i have learned that if i just channel that thought into something spiritual and dont think about how much i miss it it will be alright in the end and ill be able have the spirit with me! the hardest part is just staying focused in lessons! i try so hard and yet one little thing gets my attention and then im in lala land! haha its okay though! the branch is amazing we just got a new branch mission leader and he is so excited to help us out with anything and everything! most of the time we can just send him a text sayin hey how are you doin? and he will respond with pick me up at 4:30! it is awesome and also he got this list together to have all the members go along with us that he takes around to every class on sunday! he is a boss!!
this week we have been lookin for am apartment and its real hard here to find a good one but we just need to find one and move in! i hope we will find one soon! anyways i hope you have a fantastic week i think i have a sinous infection which makes it so my whole right side of my head achs and i cant help it! its alright it will just help me focus on that instead of the river! its aight! just hurts a bit! no worries everything will be just fine! :) Love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

this week was a great week i of coarse am not perfect and i know that and i know that i need to do better alot of the time ill just let my companion teach when were in a lesson because he is real talkative and im the person that if i aint sayin anything i aint guna! its funny how that works! also i get supper distracted and really space out when i need to focus! its rough but i am working on it! i i have been fasting and praying to get the strenth to over come that add stuff and what i have learned is that it aint easy but its workin! better than any medication! i still have a hard time gettin motivated to do stuff and that i cant figure out why! some days i just get up and i just feel like not doing any thing! and then i realized what it was!!! STUDIES 

my studies those days were still effective but they wern't as effictive as they should or could be! and also wakin up in the mornin is hard it sucks i hate it but i know if i want to be a diligent missionary i gotta do it! one of the goals we have is that we changed obedience from being a burdon to being our quest! and man has it made a difference in the spirit of the work! we are teaching alot of people and one of the families we are teaching is the blair family! kenroy the dad was baptized in december and he is solid! we showed up to church and we saw him and we thought he was the stake President! it was awesome! he blessed the sacrament and he is just so solid in the gospel its awesome! his wife andrea they have been married 2 years and each has a daughter from before but andrea is gettin there she just needs to realize that we are representing jusus christ and tellin her to be baptized! and tonya is kenroys daughter she is 19 and loves church and she is plannin on gettin baptized on the 12 next wendsday! its crazy good though! then zipporia is tonya's taughter and she is 7 so she will be baptized shortly! its been such a great weekl! i love you all and hope your have a fantastic week as well!!! Love Elder Hazlett