Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Transfer week this week i am going to a place calles sipirea trinidad its a very small place with a small branch i imagen about the size of castle valey but the area is more spread out its a huge area with a good amount of people all in the bush! im excited! i love the oppurtunity i have to be here and love the people i am sad i am leaving but i am so used to leaving people that it dont bother me to much it does but not as much as others! i still love the gospel and that will never change! the faces around us may but the gospel will never change! thats one thing i have loved about the gospel! it is true it just is! i am excited to learn the things that i need to learn down on my new area! i am excited to share the gospel with everyone! i love being a missionary and i am so happy that you all have the oppurtunity to be apart of the work of salvation! i Love you all and hope you are doing great love you Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

why do we get addicted to things? 
a question that Elder holland answered with a parable that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, So WATCH YOUR STEP!!! every single day we deal with people with addictions and i myself have addictions that i am still over coming and being on a mission i have learned how to better cope with these challenges yes it is hard but our lord and savior Jesus christ is here to help and he is always loving and willing to help and he wants to forgive. 

what can we do about it? 
oft times when we are addicted to something we neglect our spirituality, in a sence starving ourselves of the blessings the lord wants us to recieve or denying the love of christ! two things i have learned to help with those so called addictions is 1 prayer true sincere prayer with real intent having faith that christ will heal us. 2 daily scripture study! we all need to be nurished by the word of god! if we are ever going to be exalted we need to be continually feeding our spirits! Just last monday evening i was struggling to go to sleep for some odd reason i have alot of energy at night so i started to talk to my heavenly father and i felt a sence of peace and at this time all i needed was a hug! and i beheld that i felt like i was being held and it was so peaceful i fell asleep in the arms of christ. It was such a cool experience to have 

any ways sorry for the sermin but it is something i have had an my mind alot lately and truly praying for help is really what we need but also truly having the desire to quite if we want to be freed badly enough we will be freed! i love this gospel so much and i am so greatful for jesus christ to be willing to die for us that he klnows exactly what we are going threw! I love and Pray for you all! sincerely yours Elder Jed Hazlett  

curepe is more of a small town about like walking down main in moab but i think there are more people in it its more rurel with small buildings the big buildings are in port of spain and thats ware all the big buildings are its cool here lots of people and fun adventures! Love ya Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

hey what would happen if i deside to do something else in the summer?? hahaha jk i couldnt do that! i would be to stressed! this week has been interesting i absolutly love this area and i know that the lord loves me and the people around me and i am so greatful to have the oppurtunity to serve the people here in curepe trinidad i have been thinking about the attnement lately and how it really is specifically for each and every one of us we just need to have the motivation to use it! and thats probably the hardest thing about it! its just like cleaning the kitchen sink you clean it once and almost immediatly it is dirty again! its not so fun but just like the hard things we cant just wait till someone is willin to do them we just gotta do it! its hard at times but its worth it! i know this gospel is true and that the work of salvation is truly moving forward in the best ways ever! its amazing as i have realized the potential of this area and then thinking about back on the golf coarse with dad and manuel saying that i have the potential to be a really great golfer as i was on a trade off with our zoneleader he told me that my mission President said the same thing! i am truly greatful to have leaders like them in our lives that see the potential in others and push them to do better! i have always been the one to hold in how i feel and be content with my situation! I remember a time when we had arbies and dad gave me the sandwitch that i asked for and it had the arbies sauce on it because i saw that he put it on and he gave it to me and i did nt like it at all but i felt bad if i said anything so i tried to eat as much as i possably could of it! leaders are here to help and to listen and also to keep us safe! i am so thankfull for the wonderfull oppurtunity to have such great examples in my life! I love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

this week started out great with zone conference very spiritual and I sang savior redeemer of my sole the one that you sent me it went well! I don't know how to send videos as of yet and I didn't bring my camera I believe I can put it on drop box! so hopefully next week! then my companion nodiced a burn on his foot from the cement turns out that he got some down into his shoe it was odd and then on Thursday I started getting sick and I got a cold and I think I have finally gotten over it for the most part! we were told to stay inside as much as possible but you know me I cannot just be inside even though I was sick I was pacing the whole house because I couldn't sleep because I had to much energy but I couldn't go outside for to long or I would just get exhausted! so we went out and saw some people whenever we got the chance! and then came back and cooled down! and of coarse my mind cannot focus on books and stuff for to long! so I resorted to thinking about trucks! hopefully I can get gm to hook me up with a job and go to a school to be a diesel tec. for them! then I thought about how I could help the people here and my mind goes blank! I have a really good brain its just not wired for words and speaking and teaching it more wired for physical things! its annoying but in my interview my mission President told me that I should read faster and ill be able to focus better! I don't like reading! haha its gotten better its just not what I want to do I know I need to some things in life we don't want to do but need to get done its expecally hard with a companion that is just as distracted as me! but we are working on it! this next 6 months are going to be great! hard but great! im excited for what I gotta do for the lord! I think one of the reasons that I am so discouraged is that I have not had the opportunity to be a leader as much! but now looking back on it I wouldn't want to have it any other way! I love this gospel! and I am so thankful for you all in helping me come out here and serve the lord!!! I am so grateful for jesus Christ and his atonement to help us here on earth! I love you all Keep smiling! Love Elder Jed Hazlett