Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

that's so great to hear of everything going in in moab! thanks so much for finding the new era I can print it off and use it it will be such a great thing here its just what they need this transfer has only a week left and it has been chaos the entire time I have been sitting so much which as you know me I don't like sittin much but it has really given me a great opportunity to study the gospel and to concker the challenge that our mission president has challenged us to do and I invite everyone to participate in the challenge as well for I feel that it would be a great blessing to everyone there expecally the prospective missionaries! we have been challenged to memorize a section of d&c 121 about the priesthood its long but I promis that as you study this you will be able to truly understand the priesthood its verses 34-46 its 405 words long but if I can memorize it to the point ware I can recite it no problem in just three days of an hour a day I know that you can all do it its easy I have kinda learned how to memorize stuff a lot better! I just gotta make it flow the right way and it just happens. it was hard I had to wright it out a hundred times but nit was worth it I have truly learned and understood a lot more about the priesthood! its such a great blessing to kow that we have the power to do all things but if we missuse them they will be withdrawn from us and we will be left unto ourselves to kick against the pricks and to persecute the saints and to fight against god! or in other words we are left by ourselves if we turn away and we will be left to break the rules only to receive the consequences. and also to persecute everyone around us and make fun of them and rebel against god! the devel is very cunning! and he is so  smart it kinda makes him stupid! haha what I have learned from that is that the weaknesses how they become strong is that the lord provides us with the opertunity for us to figure out our own way to do things! Im still workin on the math and spelling and stuff but it is going great otherwise! the spiritual and physical parts of us are so true I need to start excersiging more I have been so busy but at the same time I feel like I am doing nothing! one thing I have truly learned by watching hastening the work of salvation is that the missionaries are here not to find people to teach but we are here to assist the members in there missionary efforts its slow but by working with the members it has really helped me know that the lord loves us all well I hope everything is goin well there its goin great here struggles as always but they make us stronger keep movin forward!! love you all!! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

that's awesome that everything is going so well this past few weeks have really been a struggle for me because of all the senior couple stuff we have to be doing its been a real struggle but we have been pushing threw it Elder Dall is my my companion and its just been chaos the whole time we have been together its been really hard staying abedient with the mission rules because of my rebellious and proud spirit that I have but I know that I have not been so rebellious as to doing anything stupid but just not doing the little things like praying before I study or when I wake up and the little things like that! yesterday in church during the sacrament hymn "I stand all amazed" it really hit me that I need to be doing a lot better than I am and so I promised my heavenly father that I will strive to live all the mission rules and do everything I need to do to be a better missionary! Elder jeppson just left the island and he was the district leader and so now we don't have one as of yet we are waiting on president Mehr to call us back my fingers are crossed because I have a feeling that he will call me to be the district leader and that as you all know is a big responsibility and I know that who the lord calls he qualifies but im perfectly content with being just a normal missionary that works hard so we don't know as of yet who it will be but we will hear soon it would be good both ways and eather way I will grow from the experience I will have here. anyways that's just one of the crazy things that's going on people are comeing back and forth on and off the island its just crazy to see the haslining of the work itn the areas of the west indies its really humbling to know that we are here because the lord has given us the chance to prove ourselves upon this earth and to help others. the smiths were right the west indies is probably the hardest mission in the world and it is deffinatly the most expensive its rediculious here but its worth it! I love it and I wouldn't trade it even for high water cat! that's s great to hear the lessons you all have been learning this week I love hearing all about whats going on there. the smiths came onto the island this last week and it was great to get them auanted with the people and the island a little bit there really excited to come here whenever there permets come in.
we had a baptism this last Saturday and it was amazing the spirit was so strong! as soon as I get my camera stuff ill send some pictures home! I cant think of a better place I could be than grenada right now! I know you have probably been waiting for this letter for a while now but I want you to know that I will do my best and keep moving forward as the movit meet the robensens and also dorie just keep tracting just keep tracting we have found a few awesome new investigators one of them is moving to Canada and just added me on facebook his name is devon wells he is awesome im not sure ware he is going to live exactly but he will be leaving to go up there Thursday and hopefully he will be aBLE TO ATTEND CHURCH THERE ANYways I don't have to much time so I just want to say that I know the book of Mormon is true and I know that god lives and I love this gospel so much and I love you all and I hope you have a great day! Love Elder Hazlett!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

i heard chelsie read my letter to everyone haha thats so great it was a funny time my mind was just wondering it was great! this week went by slow we spent three days in the church doing senior couple stuff none of the missionaries have come in yet so we are still stuck together but the assistants came here for a couple of days to help out and we were able to get some missionary work done! One of the nights this week the church was broken into and they stole a flat screen tv and the pa system in the chapel except for the speakers it was crazy so the next day we spent part of the day with the members putting more and better lock systems on the doors and stuff it was great and then they had us go make a bunch of new keys for the church it was great hopefully we will get our companions soon and as of yet i am not training but i will be in the future some time soon its been great being here with a strong branch and its been a blessing to have a car even though the elder that is driving us around is a very scary driver im still gratefull to be in a car instead of walking! its fun!! how are things with kim and chris?? i hope everything is well with them! i wish i could see her now and see how much she has grown up! its so amazing being a missionary and i would highley recomend serving a mission to everyone the spirit you feel as a missionary is so amazing its so humbleing to realize that we are simply tools in the master mechanics hands its amazing!!!! thats great violet is turning into ivy with the reading! reading is so great haha anyways i should probably email my mission president if i have time after ill send another email! love ya loads and im so thankfull for your wonderfull example!!! love Elder Hazlett!!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

so this week has been crazy we first off there are three of us who have not gotten our companions because grenada is being dumb and wont let them in because they don't have a work permit and that is also the case with the senior couple so there is three of us working two areas my area is the same as one of the others were just working together with it because ther are running errands for the senior couple o man I am so gratefull for senior couples and we need a lot more!!!!! there is a lot going home and only a few comeing out! elder oaks said that the west indies mission would not be possible without the senior couples its so true we are so busy with all of that stuff any ways the two elders I am with are both from Utah and one Elder Jeppson is in Brian Merrell's stake and is real close to him so instantly we bonded and then we talked some more and I found my long lost twin! its crazy!! everything except he is a little more smart with books and stuff but that's ok! he is great! then there is elder dal who is stuck with us and knows nothing about cars but he is always busy with senior couple errands its fun!

in your testimony your right joseph smith was a prophet of guide! haha was there a pun intended?? I thought it was funny and I am so gratefull for your wonderfull testimony and example in my life its great to know that I have you and dad to rely on when I fall its hard but its worth it!

sad I heard that mike and fan Johnson are moving that will be sad for the scouts fan's brother is going to medical school here and we met up and make the conection it is so great to have all these conections again its fun to meet new people!  the branch is so strong here because of all the med studients there great and I have taken on the assignment of getting the Elders chorme more involved its a hard task but ill be able to do it!! the address here
 po box 3804 lagoon rd
st georges
 west indies

the people are in my phone and also on facebook its not to much of a hassle if you cant get to them if you just put that address on facebook and say it only takes one stamp to send it here it is good! well time is short and im sorry for emailing so late but I love you and I love this gospel and joseph smith was a prophet ang guide from god! I love the book of Mormon and everything about the gosper!!! love ya amd miss ya LOve Elder Hazlett

ps ill be getting my camera stuff back as soon as the senior couple come in! :)