Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

this week has been a rough one dealing with the lazyness bug its been hard because i have not gotten motivated to do things lately just think about home and stuff which is not goot but not bad eather i just need to do it! saturday however we got to pour a slab of concrete starting with mixing the cement by hand mixing raw cement into gravel is hard work! but its alot cheaper than the ready mix stuff! anyways its been great the last couple days i have been sore and a headach i guess its because i am not used to working like that any more! it was alot of fun and we got a few contacts out of it! it was great but not great for the missionary work! the bags were ab out 100 lbs and i was able to handle them better than i could the 80 lbs ones when i was younger! i is gettin bigger! haha tomorrow is zone conference and hopefully ill be able to sing one voice during it! ots my favorit song! i love it! 

any ways life is good im on foot so i am so glad that you all sent me the shoes thank you so much! also there is a little boy next to me here in the shop named Elijah! haha it was funny! aly ways i dont have much time i love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

thanks this week has been rough! I got a new companion he is awesome! he is supper tall and is always havin a good time! as I have been taking charge of the area I have realized that I need to pay attention a lot better and do the things that I need to do is just focus! its hard when there are police sirens going off all the time and of coarse that has not changed about me! a truck or plane or something mam made that makes noise during a ball game I am gone! haha o well so its life I have come to relize that I am fairly good at basket ball thanks to all the great times I had growing up and playing but everyone still laughs at me when I see a truck go by! hahaha its great though! this year is going by so fast! the hardest part of it is just getting going in the morning! and since I have gotten charge I forget things and one of the biggest things is as usual drink water! hahaha its amazing what ya learn on the river still applies to every day life! its great!! I love this gospel! I know it is true! this week we are hopefully going to have baptisms every week threw the month of july!  we just gotta find those that are prepaired to receive us! I know that the lord is with us all and he is taking care of us! I am so thankful for the gospel! I love you all sorry its short but I guess its schweet! as ivy would say! Love ya all Love Elder Hazlett

don't worry about me! I am not to distracted by the river! I am just distracted about everything! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

this week was awesome we got 12 member lessons! the member work is really looking good for this next transfer a couple baptisms and new companion same area members are starting to see the missionary fire taking flame! its fantastic! i love being here seeing all the work that we are doing i am still jounior companion but thats okay i dont want the responsability of being a leader anyways! ill just do my best in praying and learning the gospel and memorizing scriptures! as well as learn patience with myself! is always a big one! no i dont do things the same as others or as easily! but i can drive and fix our car whenever the battery cable desides to disconect! haha its good now i believe we fixed it for now!

life in the mission is great! i love being here everyone is so nice and loving and we will get members out with us in every step of the work! yesterday we had a member with us the whole day! it was awesome! he is not the smartest or best member but he has a teastamony of the gospel just struggles a bit with pride he is so funny! i love that guy! anyways i hope this transfer ill be able to continue the great work we are doing here as i step up my game and show my new companion the ropes here in curepe! Pray always Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week i have desided that i am my own person and i will not judge myself against others! i have been struggling thinking that its okay ill tell myself that i am not as knowledgable as alot of the missionaries around me about the gospel but i am a better driver than them but i realized that this was a wrong way to look at it! i realized threw prayerfull consideration and alot of pondering and reading i have come to the conclusion that everyone is awesome and amazing in there own way! i am just supper awesome! haha just kiddin! 

the time that i have spent here has truly humbled me and i am so grateful for a loving companion who has helped me undertand this and realize the need to change and repent and do better as i have been here i have learned to trust the lord he will help us out of any situation expecally if he put us into it! haha all we gotta do is work! Today i had the oppurtunity to work on a vehicle and i bet that is just what i needed to be able to focus more i just needed to get my hands dirty! i have realized that we just need to fugurativly get our halds dirty in the lords work and just do it! its hard but its also fun and enjoyable! if we keep going! i feel joyfull at the oppurtunity to serve the lord for the next 6 months as hard as i can! 

these comming weeks we have great work ahead of us i pray that the companion that i get will be willing and able to work dilligently and love the people and that ill be able to do the same and continue to have patience with myself and others!  i have been thinking alot about the saying go big or go home! i love this gospel and i love you all wish i had more time Love ya Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

this week i have learned a very valuable lesson! On saturday when i was starting my fast! the lord spoke to me via the holy ghost; sometimes his since of humor is not that funny! basically he told me that everything is going to be fine with you! and then he inpressed in my mind that next year is going to be hard and that i shouldn't look forward to it because i am here and not fixing the oaf! haha so naturally i got focused on the work and its been going great! i have a feeling that the lord has something big in store for me this next transfer! 

Any ways the sister that added those pictures on facebook she is not a member yet but her son is and her daughter is now interested in getting baptized! and her husband is more interested and is asking questions! its fantastic! i love the work here! this week we found a new family who has been prepared for the gospel! The parents are not married but they will be soon! its so strange to me that people think that if they have been living together long enough that they are married its called a common law marrage! it makes no sense to me but its what the culture is so i cant blame anyone thats how they grew up! 

any ways my companion and i have figured out what was going on and we are able to better feel the spirit! and we understand eachother alot better! i love him! he makes cinnamon roles this morning and is a really good baker and chef! and he loves singing! its great our house is always filled with music! its fantastic! anyways there is no way that i can explain all that i am going threw here it is so much fun! i wish you could be here! would you be able to send a few pictures of the vehicles and stuff people are asking if i have pictures of what i do as my companion does of the farm! thanks Love you all Love Elder Hazlett