Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

this week was interesting a very hard week and it was going rough and it was just all in all rough! but it was good! it is a struggle to be here but i know that the lord is helping us here i know this gospel is true and that God lives and loves up! as i draw near to the close of my service for the lord the more mixed feelings that i have i love the people here and i love the people at home i feel like i am being torn in two! but hey thats okay i gotta keep strong with the little time i have left! i love you all and i am so thankful for this oppurtunity to come and serve a mission for the lord! I love it! even though it has been extreemly hard! it has been the best time of my life! any ways ill talk to you later! have a great day and keep smiling!! sincerly Elder Hazlett

a picture of me singing "it came upon a midnight clear" improve went pretty well considering! it was fun!  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014

this week has been slow again but it was a great one as well it seems that the closer to the end it comes the faster it goes! time is fling by really quickly! but it is going great! i love serving the lord despite all my challenges! and yes i have a lot of them! but being out here on a mission i have truly learned to work with them! Yesterday was our thanksgiving dinner and our mission president invited us all up the the mission home and the mission president gave a few min talk on gratitude and love and how there interrelated it was awesome and also we were hanging out at the mission home and just being thankful for things! and i was just wondering around and my A.D.D kicked in and i was just wandering around not really knowing what to do and it looked as though i was looking for something and i walked up to a senior sister and the mission presidents wife and they asked what i was looking for and i told them nothing its just the A.D.D kickin in with to many people around and nothing for me to really do and so they gave me a quiet place and a book to read for a few min and it helped for a while then later i could not sit still untill i grabed a pillow and held it in my lap! and listined to a story that the mission Presidents friend was sharing! its amazing how the lord works! also on sunday the Mission President came to church with us and it was totally inspired i love this gospel and how it truly changes people we got the branch all set up to rebuild the branch so that it wont close down! i love this branch way to much to see it go under! i truly love this gospel! i know that this church is true and that god Lives and loves us! i am so thankful for you all and the wonderful influence you are to me! With Love Elder Hazlett 

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

I believe the lord is trying to teach us all a lesson the missionaries and expecally the members! to try our faith! its hard but I know the lord is in it! I truly do love this work and I know that the lord will bless us I happened to glance threw the noember ensign and one thing that stood out to me was a talk from the general womens meeting it was talking about how we think that God is waiting to bless us and all we need to do is obey but in reality its more like God is continually raining blessings on us and we are holding an umbrella over us because of fear and sin and things!

any ways the hardest thing everyone knows for me is paperwork but that's okay as I have been continually trying my best the lord will and does help us! yes I get terribly Frustrated! every time that happens I remember back to when I was doing homework and I would get to the point of crying because I couldn't do it and then all of a sudden it would click! and I would finish it but what I have learned is right before I get to that point of crying I say a prayer and I am able to get threw it much easier and I learn exactly what the lord wanted me to  learn! I guess that's why he gave us weaknesses so that we may be humble and rely on him a lot more than we do! so as we pray and study the scriptures daily we will be a happy and delightsome people!  

on the other hand if we don't do that then the lord will bind our toungs so that we cannot speak ind that is terably frusterating! it doesn't help not being able to speak properly! I just need to think about what I am saying before I say it and that takes a long time but if we trust in the lord and study the gospel and treasure up in our minds continually the words of life then it will be given you in the very hour yea in the very moment that which will be mended to every soul! I now that is true! and I just quoted that because I am not sure ware exactly in d&c it is but I know it is there! I love you all and I hope everything goes great with the play and such! Sincerely Elder Hazlett

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

this week has been a really trying week for all of us so sad to hear about Taylor.  Jake, the lord has something in store for them thank goodness for the plan of salvation! i know that it is sad but thanks to the priesthood and temples were able to live with god again! its truly amazing how the lord works sometimes we may not understand what is going on or why but we just have to have the faith that the lord will help us threw our trials! this week has been very hard for us here with the whole branch sceeming to turn on the branch President because he is not fufilling the role of branch President alot of people are falt finding people honestly if i was in his shoes with the trials that he has i dont think i would want to face them eather! were trying to work with him and his family the best that we can! its truly an honor to be able to serve and help those that are in need! i truly love this gospel! and i am so thankful for the oppurtunity that i have to serve others! i love this gospel! and i am so thankful for all that you have done for me and for others! now as for the essay it was really thrown together because i ran out of time and i am to stubborn to forward it lol but anyways it was ok i guess! ill stick to fixing things and driving! anyways i love you All Love Elder Jed Hazlett  

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

this week has gone by so fast! i truly do love this gospel and i am so thankful for the oppurtunity that i have to be able to serve the lord here in the west indies! nothing to exciting happened this week we taught a sweet guy named Dan and he was supper cool and excited about the gospel we hope to meet with him again soon i am truly thankful for all the the lord has done for us all! i cant really talk much cuz our Mission President is having us wright an essay on the book of mormon study that we just completed and you know me and essay's are not good friends! lol so maybe ill wright some more when i am done love you! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

this week started out long and ended with a bang!!! o man it was fun 

the beginning of the week started out SLOW with me being sick monday evening and tuesday we had district meeting and we got back in our area at 3 and still had studies to do so we got out to work at 5 it was rough! but Wednesday things started to pick up and we began to go finding because our teaching pool is about 2 people and so we went finding most of the week! we were not able to really see many people and the people that we did see they were eather interested interested in us as white young men or not interested at all just willing to talk just so they could go back inside and do there thing thats how almost every day was then saturday came around and Lydia was baptized and it was such a cool Experience!!!! my first time baptizing someone in a chapel font i was real nerves. but i had the miscle memory from doing baptisms it was no problem! my bigest worrie was that i would say the prayer for the dead lol but it went great one try smooth run greased it then after the baptism we went back and went finding again and the same thing then we went to a less active's house to find him drunk he spent about 10 mins just slaping me until he felt better it was very interesting testamony that one should not drink!!! then sunday was the bang!!! we get to the church at 8:30 to open it and get ready for church and there is no power in the area so we had no lights or fans and to top it all off the water is run on an electric pump so no water eather lydia was confirmed and no problems with that we desided to only have sacrament because the building was really warm! and druing the last talk niketta Lydias 16 year old daughter who is 5 months Pregnant passed out because the heat and has a seizure we were able to take care and she and the baby are doing okay now luckily this has happened before with her and also that is the third time something like that happened in church i really love the people here!! i always find it funny that they live in a caribbean country and if it is to hot or to cold things like that happen deffinatly nt used to climat changes at all! any ways  thats an acount of this week i the average life Of Elder Hazlett wes very odd but hey there is never a dull moment!! Love You ALL Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

interesting i have been sick a few times mainly with sinus infection stuff and apparently i suffer from migrain headachs i guess thats what i think it is if caffiene helps then idk the last couple nights i have had a hard time sleeping because of my sinuses but i have some spray stuff that works great but it only lasts for about 4 hours! last night we stayed at the senior couples home and it was a really rough night i started out on the floor and ended up in a recliner chair! my companion was really confused when he woke up in the middle of the night and didnt see me on the floor but looked up to see me in the chair it was funny he is great he is from alaska and is going to go into the airforce to be a fighter piolet! then today we went to the beach to play some volleyball and when we got there the net was mashed up and so i and Elder Jeppson proceeded to tie it up and fixed it enough for us to play it was still low but hey it worked great!! kinda! any ways Lydia is preparing to be baptized this weekend she is supper solid and we are stoked for her and later next month her 16 year old daughter is preparing but were not so sure about her because she is pregnant and of coarse not married so we will be working with her a bit more! there supper cool though! the sucess that we had this week is that we had 30 people at church it was awesome it looked full and sure enough it was a bit it was great! okay so the senior couple here are the batemans and they are amazing they own a dairy farm 45 min south of provo and they are supper cool also he told me that getting a cow is way to much work than what its worth so dad we best stick with boats and trucks! haha there a bit easier its alot of fun being here and i really do love it one thing that i have learned and struggle with is that after a little while my brain just shuts off and i cannot get it to start up again this last week i went on a trade off in a next area and i was supper happy and excited about the work then when i got back to my area i was not so excited the only thing i can explain it as is add! lol its more than in the moment and i believe i have learned a bit on how to control it starting by doing something that i want to do telling myself that i want to learn and i want to study the scriptures truly having the desire to do it! of of coarse not getting a good nights rest it just makes it that much harder to wake up on time! hopefully ill be able to do my best this last couple months! I truly do Love this gospel and i love you all o so much! Love Elder Hazlett 

ps i think eli got the idea for doing the girls hair from me lol i did it a few times i saw it on facebook! LOL

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

this week i was feeling kinda frusterated as i have sceemed to let myself get distracted a bit and elder ballards talk came at me like hitting the red wall at 80000 cfs! and it made me realize that i need to pay attention to everything not just the river and driving i thought about it! when i am totally focused i can and do zone everything out i can still hear everything going on i just only focus on one thing! as usual the hardest thing is gettin on the river or gettin the ball roling in missinary work! bear with me im typing fast because i am excited so sorry about the spelling and grammer
this week i was feeling depressed and over whelmed and home sick and i had the oppurtunity to have an interview with the mission President and he directeded me to a senior missionary who is a mental health something or other but he helped me threw things and i was able to feel happy again threw the atonement fo christ is for everything and any challenges that we face remember the lord has suffered all things! and is able to help if we mearly ask i am so thankful for the wonderful leaders that we have here in the mission and in life! I truly do love this gospel! i am so thankful for the love that the savior has for us all and i feel just as enos felt he says " and now it came to pass that when i had heard these words I began to feel a desire for the welfare of my brethren" such a powerful statement that is that after we utalize the atonement in our lives we WILL feel a desire to help othere! thats probably why i love helping others!!! i truly do love this gospel! and i am thankful for everything that has been going on in my life! I truly do love you all and i love being here Love Elder Hazlett

ps my return date is december 16

thank you dad for being the wonderful example that you are to me i truly do love you and you have always been there when i needed a friend i love you and your amazing your example has made me want to always be better and to always try my best and most of all think before i act! like just now i was foing to ask you to look for a cummings swap for the duelie and a rebuild kit fro the pimp but that will wait i just wanted to say hi and thank you for all the einsiring things that you say to me love you dad! lookin froward to spending some time with you soon Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

this week was a very trying week for me with missing home and not feeling appreciated but its been great at the same time learning the little lessons that i need to learn yes there are people out there that are better than me in alot of things expecally studying but one thing is for sure is that although i may not have a nac for books and things i do have a nac for fixing things and with the spirit i can fix more than the stove that was not properly put together one of the electrical wires was not connected properly therefor causing it to not always work our lives are the same we sin and fall short of the glory of god and as we do that we dont sceem to work all the time! diagnostics! is the key to fixing the problems in our lives!!! sadly we cant just plug a computer into us and have it tell us whats wrong with us but we have to figure it out on our own and have someone that is more experienced help us overcome our challenges! i truly do love this gospel! i am so thankful to have been raised in a great loving family! no we are not perfect but the lord knows us best and has placed us in famlies that will help us the most!!!!! i truly do love you all even though i may not show it all that much i am truly greatful for all that you have done for me! i Love you ALL and i hope you haze a great week!!! Love Elder Jed Hazlett

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

this week we decided to take the long way around the town and it turns out that we went the really long way around the town of penal and on the outside of town we found a 2000 ford f 350 the guy that owns it lived in the states and shipped it down and he hardly ever drives it because the roads are to small down here lol so its only got 40000 miles on it! of coarse i had to take a picture if it and me lol then after that the lord truly works with our weaknesses because after that i was a lot happier and then we saw a less active family mother and two kids struggling with life and helped them be happy and love one another! it was awesome i surly do love this gospel!

 later we were able to go to choir practice and the spirit was so strong and on Saturday we are hosting a sports activity and we have found a kid named Moses and we talked to his mother and sister they seem really cool! we have not been able to meet with them as yet but we will soon! probably tomorrow ill let ya know how everything is going! one thing i learned is that we as human beings tend to abuse and blame our self's and it gets us down but the savior taught us that yes we do make mistakes but if we trust in the lord and ask him to forgive us that sorrow that we experience miraculously turns into happiness and determination! to do the lords work!
then just yesterday we were at one of our members houses and there was an investigator there who has been taught by missionaries before in tobago and she wants to get baptized in october! im supper excited for her and for that whole family! missionary work is so much fun! im so happy to be able to be a part of the work of salvation. yes it does make my hands weak and other things but Yes it makes my mind grow and understand the gospel better that i ever could at home! expecally the spirit! sadly i flip threw my preach my gospel and i dont see many notes but that mearly because when i make notes i never use them so i dont see the point but when i memorize something then it comes to life! i cant tell you how many times i have used the first page of enos to teach about almost every subject of the gospel! its great! I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON! i know i am not perfect but i also know that the lord loves me and i love him! even thought i dont show it as best as other people do i truly do love this gospel and even threw the tears that it takes me to study it is worth it! there is no feeling better than being frusterated beyond your frusteration point and then all a sudden the spirit comes rushing in and things just click! if it takes pushing me to that point every morning then it is totally worth it!!! i still hate studying but its totally worth it! i would much rather think about the trucks and the river that think about the Isiah chapters! but there is so much knowledge in them! we dont need to focus we need to learn! having add has opened my mind yes it is terrably frusterating yesterday at church i forgot my companions name! lol but thats not truly what matters what matters is that i learn! yes itas alot slower than other people but once i get it its smooth sailin from there now i just need to get missionary work lol 16 weeks i can do it! 
My companion Elder Cox is from alaska and he is joining the airforce when he gets home so we are going to start working out its going to be rough but it will be worth it!
i bear my testamony that i know that god lives and he loves us and jesus is the christ and that thomas s. monson is the prophet of the lord with love Elder Jed Hazlett

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

haha that sounds like it was a blast on hells revenge! yes me and lily and libby learned to not go on slick rock in the snow! the rzr is really quite safe but because of the suspension it feels like you will tip out! and also its open its alot of fun! im supper stoked to be able to go out on trails with all of us! the bishop in san-fernando is from idaho and he told me that polaris came out with a 1000 and it has a different drive system! its fun! anyways the branch Presidents daughter was recently diagnosed with adhd and so as im sure you know they wanted to ask a few questions!  there awesome i love that family loads!!! they will probably call you another time! people here dont know what a rzr is could you send a picture of it so i can explain and use it in a lesson or two! :) that would be great! people love to see that were more that just robots but that were alot of fun on a mission serving the lord! i truly do love this gospel and i am so thankful to be able to serve the lord.


This week was Zone conference and with Elder Zivic of the 70 and his wife came and it was a great learning oppurtunity! i have felt the spirit so much and i am so greatfull for the oppurtunity to be here and serve the lord and to learn the lessons that we need to learn! 


Just the other day we saw a few guys shoveling some Dirt one of my favorit things to do! haha and i grabed a shovel and started to help them and i got tired on that side and desided to switch to my weaker arm only to realize that i was useing my left hand and it feels as normal eather way i hold it! haha strange how that works! also i am getting alot better at reading music somehow i only play a couple times a week for choir and sometimes at church! its a great blessing to be here and to be on a mission the skills that i have learned on my mission i would have never done at home! sadly i am still learning to study that one will take me a long time! but its gettin there! i love the oppurtunity that we have every morning to study the scriptures and to be able to have the spirit with us all the time! I truly do know that the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is the lords true church and i truly do want to share it with everyone that i possable can! even if they reject the message which happens alot! lazy people tend to make fun of people that work hard! its pretty funny to see how many people will say something when we are walking fast lol any ways i know that the lord loves each and every one of us and i love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

o i love Her she is such an amazing person!!!!! a recent convert that my companion and i baptized she is supper strong! i consider her my trinidad mom! she always inspired us to do better! i am so greatfull to have met her! this week sceemed like a great week! With a river trip with Brad wilcox! thats awesome and eli in that video looked like he is ready to row high water cat!! great to see him on the sticks!!! im stoked for chris and dani as well i do have to say i thought they would perfect when i met dani it is supper awesome how the lord prepaires the way for those things!!! im excited to find out what is in store for me! but right now i have to focus on the lords work!! i truly do love this gospel and my testamony has grown so much! sorry its short but its schweet! hehe love you all and have a great week!!! Love Elder Hazlett

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

i cannot wait untill we have all 4 of the hazlett boys on the river and golfing! its so true how much the river relates to our lives but teaching it to someone who thinks a river is the same as a gutter its a bit challenging! lol so sadly i cant use that one to much here i have been trying to find other ways to teach people about the restored gospel! and one thing that i have found with having add is that i can relate anything to anything! the other day my companion and i were about to teach a lesson to a less active member and her family and as usual we didnt have a solid plan on what to teach! and i said a prayer and asked heavenly father to help me teach so the kids could understand! and i looked to my left and i saw a yellow ball close by! and i used that as an object lesson! it was great! i have always known that i have add for a reason yes it is hard! alot of the missionaries when they ask others about me they say that i have a hard time paying attention aka we would be teaching a lesson and alla sudden i would ask if a nearby tree is a mango tree! hahaha i only did that once but the missinary thought it was so funny! its truly great being here in this wonderful are i have really been trying to work with the members as much as possable and i am deffinatly seeing a great spirit come into there lives! its truly great to see the gospel fire light up someones day! I Love This gospel! another Experience we had with member missionary worjk was that our branch Presidents wife gacve us a refearl to this lady named linda and so we taught her and she teaches special ed classes and i was able to bond with her really well! it was a great lesson! the spirit was so strong! blessings are flowing!!! in trinidad! its great! we are still struggling with our investigators comming to church! but that will come with the members help! i am so excited to watch this branch grow! it is truly a great blessing i have to work with the people here i love it! now sorry i am getting frusterated with the computer so ill have to say love you and look forward to hearing from you next week With Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

this week was a challenging week coupled with hard work and rain and alot of traveling and of coarse the lord humbleing me more so i can align my will with his! i am truly greatful for my companion even though he does get on my nerves a bit but honestly if you think about it living with someone 24/7 who wouldn't get irritated a bit? answer the savior he deals with our short commings and so should we learn to cope with others challenges because we are all imperfect i am probably more frusterating to deal with than him but thats okay. this sunday was stake conference and our mission President spoke and his wife as well and it was truly awesome the spirit was so strong! they talked about unity in the family and i applied it to our compnaionship! i love this gospel and as we truly live the gospel our desires will change for the better! and i know that is true! the bikes that we ride are not very good lol its okay though i truly do love the gospel and the people here in the west indies! even though i may not say it or express it as much as i should but i was thinking about it the other day and i have truly come to love the people we teach and i have nodiced that even with just one spiritual Experience with a member and not seeing him fro two weeks after meeting him once i was able to reconize him in the store two weeks later! its great! i love this gospel! i really do and the love of jesus christ has for all of his children and me i have really come to know that he truly does love us! i hope everything is good with you all and hope and pray that the spirit will strive to be with you as well! With love Elder Hazlett

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

hope the deso goes well im jellous but thats okay ill be there just now! this morning i was reading in the new testament and i cam to matthew chapter 8 verses 30-32 and i thought it was so funny i started laughing out loud it is ware jesus goes to cast out devel spirits and the devil spirits ask to be cast into the swine that were not to far off it goes to show just how desprate the devil spirits are to have a body but they cannot control them and so they ran the swine down a cliff and into the sea ware they drown lol it was pretty sad and funny all at the same time! any ways this week has been better my companion his passion is reading books and so i know that the lord put us together so that i can learn how to study! its great! its hard work but i gotta do it! this week we got twice the member lessons that were were getting since before i got here i love working with members because thats ware the real success is found! this area is absolutly thriving with people ready to hear the gospel we just have to contiually be excited about the gospel! and not doubt just have faith and be in a hurry to do the lords work because its time! its the last leg of the race just like gueto on cars when he changes lightning mcqueens tires on the movie cars we gotta have control and work like everything depends on us but rely on the lord because everything relies on him! i am so excited to be here and to grow with the people here the place we live is called penal and the shurch is in siparia not to far from us we cover both places but as soon as the work gets going more here we will be able to re open siparia to  have 4 missionaries in the branch instead of just two! it will be great! i am so excited and yes i have weakn esses but they are here to help me become strong! i have gained much strenth since i have been here and i know i can do it we just gotta do it! Love you all Love Elder Jed Hazlett

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

A.D.D. is acting up as usual its terrably frusterating but its alright i know that the lord has given me this weakness that i may be able to overcome it!  people may think i am weard but lets face it i could think there weard to for lot likeing trucks and boats as much as i do! haha so in that reguard everyone is weard! or better yet everyone is awesome! learning the lessons that we do are just what we need to corect our bad habbits! and make good ones! its hard being here when all you can think about is home expecally after hitting my 18 month mark and not really felt like i have done anything but been a burden to others because i just want to be working on something just makes us want to do those old things again! and it dont help that these computers are completly different that any i have ever used it just makes me more frusterated and then i just dont want to do anything the only thing i can do is trust i the lord i have 5 months left i have made it this far i can finish strong it just makes me not want to touch another book or computer ever again! its sad because i want to learn i have the desire to teach people lately every time i study i find myself doing the exact same thing i did growing up doing homework as a kid just imedatly get frusterated and not want to do it fighting myself to tears I want to serve the lord full heartedly but my body does not i love my life i love the gospel and seeing the gospel come into the lives of others is truly an amazing feeling. any way ill cheer up after i eat lunch or something any ways i love you all and i wish you all the best with love Elder hazlett

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

the area here is fantastic the weather is so nice and we even have a washer to wash our clothes! yes my cloths are holding up alright only two of my pants are riping on the side but thats an easy fix and it dont expose anything so its okay! our appartment is great ill have to pick up a card reader so i can put them on the computer the computers here are to old to pick up my camera so ill just get a reader for it no biggie!

the spirit has been so strong as i ave been here in this area in my last area i didnt realize how depressed i was untill i came here and on the long drive here i was reflecting about why i was a missionary and that i wanted to go home like the two missionaries that were droping us off were leaving for home the next morning! and something changed in my attitude as we got into my new area and met my new companion my attitude went from being depressed and frusterated to hopeful and happy and i have nodiced that most every day i get so excited about sharing the gospel that i can hardly control myself i just want to go on the top of the mountains and shout about the book of mormon but then when you really think about how effective that would be it souldn't hardly at all be effective so it will work much better if were talking to every person about the book of mormon and the spirit is so strong i just get so excited and i get to the point that i cant speak its pretty funny to share with others a smile and its amazing how telling someone to smile can help them have a better day! i am known in the mission for two things if you ask any missionary they will say that i always say dont forget to smile and naturally a am a good driver haha but i dont have a car here we usually walk and ride bikes and we cover two towns and so we walk in one and take a taxi to siparia and bike around there! this last month of july the mission fasted for baptisms and boy did we get them with 68 baptisms this month and 30 of them just in one day! i love this gospel and i am so greatful for the savior in bringing forth in these latterdays! o boy here we go again i gotta calm down cant type fast yet still faster that i was but not like supperman or mom haha i say super man because were in a gameing shop and there is a justic league poster right in front of me! haha this place rocks!!! well i cant really explain all of the miracles that happen in our lives here i wish i could just tell you everything! lets just say that after 18 months i am finally feeling the missionary spirit! i have always been a late bloomer but the late bloomers are the best in my oppinion because they spend so much time trying to figure out the basice when we finally break threw were so excited! i have nodiced a total changein my life i love this gospel and i know that god is the only one that is able to do everything men just have to be willing to align our will with his! in the name of Jesus Christ amen! Love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Transfer week this week i am going to a place calles sipirea trinidad its a very small place with a small branch i imagen about the size of castle valey but the area is more spread out its a huge area with a good amount of people all in the bush! im excited! i love the oppurtunity i have to be here and love the people i am sad i am leaving but i am so used to leaving people that it dont bother me to much it does but not as much as others! i still love the gospel and that will never change! the faces around us may but the gospel will never change! thats one thing i have loved about the gospel! it is true it just is! i am excited to learn the things that i need to learn down on my new area! i am excited to share the gospel with everyone! i love being a missionary and i am so happy that you all have the oppurtunity to be apart of the work of salvation! i Love you all and hope you are doing great love you Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

why do we get addicted to things? 
a question that Elder holland answered with a parable that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, So WATCH YOUR STEP!!! every single day we deal with people with addictions and i myself have addictions that i am still over coming and being on a mission i have learned how to better cope with these challenges yes it is hard but our lord and savior Jesus christ is here to help and he is always loving and willing to help and he wants to forgive. 

what can we do about it? 
oft times when we are addicted to something we neglect our spirituality, in a sence starving ourselves of the blessings the lord wants us to recieve or denying the love of christ! two things i have learned to help with those so called addictions is 1 prayer true sincere prayer with real intent having faith that christ will heal us. 2 daily scripture study! we all need to be nurished by the word of god! if we are ever going to be exalted we need to be continually feeding our spirits! Just last monday evening i was struggling to go to sleep for some odd reason i have alot of energy at night so i started to talk to my heavenly father and i felt a sence of peace and at this time all i needed was a hug! and i beheld that i felt like i was being held and it was so peaceful i fell asleep in the arms of christ. It was such a cool experience to have 

any ways sorry for the sermin but it is something i have had an my mind alot lately and truly praying for help is really what we need but also truly having the desire to quite if we want to be freed badly enough we will be freed! i love this gospel so much and i am so greatful for jesus christ to be willing to die for us that he klnows exactly what we are going threw! I love and Pray for you all! sincerely yours Elder Jed Hazlett  

curepe is more of a small town about like walking down main in moab but i think there are more people in it its more rurel with small buildings the big buildings are in port of spain and thats ware all the big buildings are its cool here lots of people and fun adventures! Love ya Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

hey what would happen if i deside to do something else in the summer?? hahaha jk i couldnt do that! i would be to stressed! this week has been interesting i absolutly love this area and i know that the lord loves me and the people around me and i am so greatful to have the oppurtunity to serve the people here in curepe trinidad i have been thinking about the attnement lately and how it really is specifically for each and every one of us we just need to have the motivation to use it! and thats probably the hardest thing about it! its just like cleaning the kitchen sink you clean it once and almost immediatly it is dirty again! its not so fun but just like the hard things we cant just wait till someone is willin to do them we just gotta do it! its hard at times but its worth it! i know this gospel is true and that the work of salvation is truly moving forward in the best ways ever! its amazing as i have realized the potential of this area and then thinking about back on the golf coarse with dad and manuel saying that i have the potential to be a really great golfer as i was on a trade off with our zoneleader he told me that my mission President said the same thing! i am truly greatful to have leaders like them in our lives that see the potential in others and push them to do better! i have always been the one to hold in how i feel and be content with my situation! I remember a time when we had arbies and dad gave me the sandwitch that i asked for and it had the arbies sauce on it because i saw that he put it on and he gave it to me and i did nt like it at all but i felt bad if i said anything so i tried to eat as much as i possably could of it! leaders are here to help and to listen and also to keep us safe! i am so thankfull for the wonderfull oppurtunity to have such great examples in my life! I love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

this week started out great with zone conference very spiritual and I sang savior redeemer of my sole the one that you sent me it went well! I don't know how to send videos as of yet and I didn't bring my camera I believe I can put it on drop box! so hopefully next week! then my companion nodiced a burn on his foot from the cement turns out that he got some down into his shoe it was odd and then on Thursday I started getting sick and I got a cold and I think I have finally gotten over it for the most part! we were told to stay inside as much as possible but you know me I cannot just be inside even though I was sick I was pacing the whole house because I couldn't sleep because I had to much energy but I couldn't go outside for to long or I would just get exhausted! so we went out and saw some people whenever we got the chance! and then came back and cooled down! and of coarse my mind cannot focus on books and stuff for to long! so I resorted to thinking about trucks! hopefully I can get gm to hook me up with a job and go to a school to be a diesel tec. for them! then I thought about how I could help the people here and my mind goes blank! I have a really good brain its just not wired for words and speaking and teaching it more wired for physical things! its annoying but in my interview my mission President told me that I should read faster and ill be able to focus better! I don't like reading! haha its gotten better its just not what I want to do I know I need to some things in life we don't want to do but need to get done its expecally hard with a companion that is just as distracted as me! but we are working on it! this next 6 months are going to be great! hard but great! im excited for what I gotta do for the lord! I think one of the reasons that I am so discouraged is that I have not had the opportunity to be a leader as much! but now looking back on it I wouldn't want to have it any other way! I love this gospel! and I am so thankful for you all in helping me come out here and serve the lord!!! I am so grateful for jesus Christ and his atonement to help us here on earth! I love you all Keep smiling! Love Elder Jed Hazlett  

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

this week has been a rough one dealing with the lazyness bug its been hard because i have not gotten motivated to do things lately just think about home and stuff which is not goot but not bad eather i just need to do it! saturday however we got to pour a slab of concrete starting with mixing the cement by hand mixing raw cement into gravel is hard work! but its alot cheaper than the ready mix stuff! anyways its been great the last couple days i have been sore and a headach i guess its because i am not used to working like that any more! it was alot of fun and we got a few contacts out of it! it was great but not great for the missionary work! the bags were ab out 100 lbs and i was able to handle them better than i could the 80 lbs ones when i was younger! i is gettin bigger! haha tomorrow is zone conference and hopefully ill be able to sing one voice during it! ots my favorit song! i love it! 

any ways life is good im on foot so i am so glad that you all sent me the shoes thank you so much! also there is a little boy next to me here in the shop named Elijah! haha it was funny! aly ways i dont have much time i love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

thanks this week has been rough! I got a new companion he is awesome! he is supper tall and is always havin a good time! as I have been taking charge of the area I have realized that I need to pay attention a lot better and do the things that I need to do is just focus! its hard when there are police sirens going off all the time and of coarse that has not changed about me! a truck or plane or something mam made that makes noise during a ball game I am gone! haha o well so its life I have come to relize that I am fairly good at basket ball thanks to all the great times I had growing up and playing but everyone still laughs at me when I see a truck go by! hahaha its great though! this year is going by so fast! the hardest part of it is just getting going in the morning! and since I have gotten charge I forget things and one of the biggest things is as usual drink water! hahaha its amazing what ya learn on the river still applies to every day life! its great!! I love this gospel! I know it is true! this week we are hopefully going to have baptisms every week threw the month of july!  we just gotta find those that are prepaired to receive us! I know that the lord is with us all and he is taking care of us! I am so thankful for the gospel! I love you all sorry its short but I guess its schweet! as ivy would say! Love ya all Love Elder Hazlett

don't worry about me! I am not to distracted by the river! I am just distracted about everything! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

this week was awesome we got 12 member lessons! the member work is really looking good for this next transfer a couple baptisms and new companion same area members are starting to see the missionary fire taking flame! its fantastic! i love being here seeing all the work that we are doing i am still jounior companion but thats okay i dont want the responsability of being a leader anyways! ill just do my best in praying and learning the gospel and memorizing scriptures! as well as learn patience with myself! is always a big one! no i dont do things the same as others or as easily! but i can drive and fix our car whenever the battery cable desides to disconect! haha its good now i believe we fixed it for now!

life in the mission is great! i love being here everyone is so nice and loving and we will get members out with us in every step of the work! yesterday we had a member with us the whole day! it was awesome! he is not the smartest or best member but he has a teastamony of the gospel just struggles a bit with pride he is so funny! i love that guy! anyways i hope this transfer ill be able to continue the great work we are doing here as i step up my game and show my new companion the ropes here in curepe! Pray always Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week i have desided that i am my own person and i will not judge myself against others! i have been struggling thinking that its okay ill tell myself that i am not as knowledgable as alot of the missionaries around me about the gospel but i am a better driver than them but i realized that this was a wrong way to look at it! i realized threw prayerfull consideration and alot of pondering and reading i have come to the conclusion that everyone is awesome and amazing in there own way! i am just supper awesome! haha just kiddin! 

the time that i have spent here has truly humbled me and i am so grateful for a loving companion who has helped me undertand this and realize the need to change and repent and do better as i have been here i have learned to trust the lord he will help us out of any situation expecally if he put us into it! haha all we gotta do is work! Today i had the oppurtunity to work on a vehicle and i bet that is just what i needed to be able to focus more i just needed to get my hands dirty! i have realized that we just need to fugurativly get our halds dirty in the lords work and just do it! its hard but its also fun and enjoyable! if we keep going! i feel joyfull at the oppurtunity to serve the lord for the next 6 months as hard as i can! 

these comming weeks we have great work ahead of us i pray that the companion that i get will be willing and able to work dilligently and love the people and that ill be able to do the same and continue to have patience with myself and others!  i have been thinking alot about the saying go big or go home! i love this gospel and i love you all wish i had more time Love ya Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

this week i have learned a very valuable lesson! On saturday when i was starting my fast! the lord spoke to me via the holy ghost; sometimes his since of humor is not that funny! basically he told me that everything is going to be fine with you! and then he inpressed in my mind that next year is going to be hard and that i shouldn't look forward to it because i am here and not fixing the oaf! haha so naturally i got focused on the work and its been going great! i have a feeling that the lord has something big in store for me this next transfer! 

Any ways the sister that added those pictures on facebook she is not a member yet but her son is and her daughter is now interested in getting baptized! and her husband is more interested and is asking questions! its fantastic! i love the work here! this week we found a new family who has been prepared for the gospel! The parents are not married but they will be soon! its so strange to me that people think that if they have been living together long enough that they are married its called a common law marrage! it makes no sense to me but its what the culture is so i cant blame anyone thats how they grew up! 

any ways my companion and i have figured out what was going on and we are able to better feel the spirit! and we understand eachother alot better! i love him! he makes cinnamon roles this morning and is a really good baker and chef! and he loves singing! its great our house is always filled with music! its fantastic! anyways there is no way that i can explain all that i am going threw here it is so much fun! i wish you could be here! would you be able to send a few pictures of the vehicles and stuff people are asking if i have pictures of what i do as my companion does of the farm! thanks Love you all Love Elder Hazlett   

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

this week i got to fulfill my dream of driving the mission van! it is a toyota hiace which is toyota's bersion of a 15 passenger van! its a diesel and a 5 speed manuel transmission! it was awesome!!! any ways also this week was a hard week as i am trying to cope with trying to focus and humbling myself when i am corected by my companion and keeping on teaching! he is steller were getting alot of work done but it just makes me not want to do anything! its been frusterating but its alright i guess the lord wants me to learn from this experience! i dont know how to explain it other than life is good! haha 

We went to play basket ball this morning and the assistants came and i was talking to him and he asked what i liked to do on P-day? i have yet desided what i like to do on P-day! mainly because we have not gone golfing! haha i dont think i answered all i could think about was driving or building something! lol this saturday we have Aleem gettin baptized and on the 7 we have Bernadette gettin baptized! its been going great! its hard but its worth it! i love this gospel and i am so gratefull for the oppurtunity to be here with these people! i love the ward and the bishop and everyone is so easy to get along with 

ask andrew how the pimp is runnin? haha life in trinidad is fun everyone is so laid back and yet so busy! haha its great i love it here! this week i have been studying on the law of consecration! but during comp. study i just get frusterated but thats normal when i have a smart comp! haha he has read alot of things and knows the gospel really well! i love him! any ways i dont want to take up any more of your time! tell everyone hi for me! i bet its cool when the passengers ask about our family and we have two missionaries out and 5 guides out its super cool to see that! i love this gospel and i am so thankful for the wonderful time i have here Love ya all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

hey life is good!!!!! its hard but its worth it! were in a computer shop and there is a guy who is blasting wrap music on the side its great! makes me appreciate mormon tabernacle choir! :) one of the hardest things here is everyone has loud music its cool though! its so hard not to know the new songs! lol anyways! Aleem is doing awesome! he is 13 gettin ready to be baptized on the 31 and we have been meeting with his family as well! its great! 

I hate computers! haha ya aleem is fantastic he has only been to church twice and he fits in so well with everyone i know that the lord is helping us with him and his family! i feel like i am finaly adjusting to the weather here im starting to sweat all the time like a trinie or maybe im just out of shape haha im guessing the first one! haha anyways this week has been great! i have realized that i have alot to work on as everyone already knows! haha i get into a mode ware i just want to build something and sadly i have already fixed everything that i can in our apartment! its rough but its good! i love this gospel! yesterday in church the topic was alot about mothers! and we sang hymn 292 one of my favorites! and the spirit was so strong! we do have a heavenly mother! :) it was so cool to reconize that! anyways im sorry its short this rap music and the no air condishioning is frusterating me! haha 

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

hey yes it was fantastic to talk to you all! made me miss everyone alot but on the good hand i am grateful for Marcus i have been feeling down a bit lately and he kept coming across my mind for some reason! it was always in conjunction with D&C 31 5-6 it was totally the spirit speeking peace to my sole i just couldnt understand what it was saying but now that i see that he is comming back it was an answer to my prayers! the spirit is amazing!!!!!!! anyways the time that we have been here in tuna puna has been fantastic! i hope you were able to understand bishop Rhamdhani! he is awesome! i love that family loads! there supper nice anyways not much else to say this week talked to you yeaterday! Love you All Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

This week was Spectacular! well really i just wanted to spell that word! haha it was an interesting week! we got transfer calls and me and elder bates are staying together for another transfer! he is awesome we make a real good team! haha he gets the serious things done and then i back it up by bearing testamony and having fun! haha its awesome! its supper hard not having a car now i have resorted to wishing we were driving even the oldest vehicles we have! haha i guess that makes me grateful for having all the cool toys we have lol 

any ways the time that we have had this week was short! it was super busy!! with baptisms and such going on and all the things that we have to do! i am still a junior companion but thats okay i love it! i dont have to talk on the phone at night and stuff! any ways! my companion and i are emailing in the mission office because we just happened to be here, and i heard a group of people comming up the staires and they were making alot of noise and i was thinking to myself man they need to be more quiet! and as they walked in the door it was one of the senior couples and the mission President and his wife! lol it was funny! the purpos is to have fun with everything!!!!!!! so i try to! Hehe its hard but its also fun!!! also i have been trying to focus on focusing on missionary work! lol its hard but its worth it! its hard but its worth it! i learned that the best way to get down the river of a mission is a paddle boat methood aka the missionarys in the back steering and the members paddling! it works alot better that the missionaries trying to row by our selfs! haha any ways thats my river insight for the week! or maybe just these 5 min! lol its been great being back on my mission! one thing that i miss and wish that i didnt have to shave every stinkin day! it is annoying! o well its good i guess! hard but good this mission is crazy with all the legistics that go on! i fee that you would do great here mom! haha any ways im trying to do my best at being the best i can be here and loving everyone and not critisizing someones driving even though it is real bad! haha its okay its a good learning experience! Anyways i hope everything is going great! Love you ALL Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

the weeks comming i believe will be the hardest of my life and yet the best! A because its the start of the summer and B because i am still having a hard time focusing on the work! its so frusterating to me trying to focus on the work so hard and then i am alla sudden above the big drops gettin ready to drop into the red wall! then just when the wave is about to crash over me my companion says not Elder hazlett is going to tell us about this part of the lesson! ugh! i am at a total loss at what i am suppost to do! its so hard but its worth it! i feel if i take medication for it i will get depressed lol so ill just stick with it trying to get threw! its the last week of  the transfer and everyone in the zone is out of money except for us and the sisters! and o of coarse! i have found something that keeps my hands busy! cleaning! needless to say that our appartment is real clean! its funny! it makes it a bit easier to focus and thing! it is no doubt the hardest thing to be here and to be doing this work and yet it is so simple to love the people i guess thats what i am here for! to get to love the people my companion is awesome he is supper smart for a farm boy. he is the serious one and i am the  goof ball that i have always been! its been great comming here and being able to serve the lord i love this gospel! and i know that i have been called of god to be here the people here arre so friendly! i Love it here its way good to see that the sacrafices that we are making for the lord will only make this work go by faster! i try not to count down but its just crazy! I love being here every morning i wake up i try to be excited about what i am going to do today! its fun! anyways i love you all so Much did you send the shoes yet? Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

thats awesome!!! the warehouse is lookin fantastic! today is easter monday and since the people here love holidays and long weekends this last friday was whats called good friday and so alot of places were closed and then today is easter monday and so naturally alot of places are closed! but there is one email shop open today in our area! it is a small area but it is worth every effort! sadly the stores are closed :( we meed people every day who are ready to hear the gospel! now lately the lessons we have been teaching to people and the studies have been focused alot of the family! tis makin me trunky! haha Anyways! its been a great week daria was baptized and we are lookin forward for zedia's this saturday! and tonight we have a family home evening with daria and her family her step dad is not a member and cridesizes everything about the church and its actually quite funny to see what people critisize and yet they know absolutly nothing about it! i think we will show him the mountain of the lord! which is about them building the temple in salt lake city it is realy cool a newspaper writer is interviewing church President Wilford Woodruff Just before the dedication of the temple and then the writer want to enter the temple! it is really cool! he comes with a not so good understanding and then he has a brighter recolection of what it is actually about! ITS AWESOME anyways and last night we had a house meeting with another recent convert and had a couple of his neabors over to play scripture seek! i was supprized at how much i knew! lol lexy is gettin hitched to shea right? man you really want to make me trunky! hahaha o well ill just think of the vernal tennis team and that wont make me so trunky! hahaha this afternoon we are going to a ward activity and because dad said it we will be wearing our proseliting clotes to it! haha i love you dad! your my hero! anyways thanks so much for everything you do for me and also mom for your inspiring words you always sceem to say exactly what i need! tomorrow il be teaching a part of district meeting and ill be teaching on obedience! lol thank you i love ya! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

dad haha I have been prayin for the strength to focus on the work! and you all know how hard it is for me to focus! I know that the lord will help us both just remember the lord is with us and will strengthen us this summer will be hard for both of us but its the sacrifice that we need to make for the lord my hardest thing is keeping my thoughts on the work here and usually the slightest thing will sidetrack me I have been praying for heavenly fathers help to help focus and better myself and I feel that my desires have changed! I look at people differently with love learning that I truly care about others! im glad that the aspen trip went well id love to see some pictures of an s-rig I have told some people about them and they wan to see. it looks like the water will be good for this year that's exciting!!! hows hite lookin dad? Ok that's enough trunky talk for me! this week is dariah's baptism she is 16 her mom and brother were baptized a few years ago and she is super excited to become a member of the church! she is awesome supper excited! also we have a lady named Zedia who is in her 60's I believe and we have a baptismal date for the 26th snd s couple other people one named Karen who has three cute kids we took them to an easter egg hunt on saaturday and the primary kids really enjoyed them and really fellowshipped them well! that's crazy facebook is so great! when I was in grenada it has a lot of medical students and the best way to get ahold of them is on facebook! since we were not authorized to use it! we had to call people until someone answered and then they posted on facebook that we needed help! I think the missionaries might have an account now! I totally understand if there are short emails I can take pictures just as well! there easier to see haha :) the shoes that I was thinkin about are the chaco shoes not the ones that look like tennis shoes or the ones with no laces but the ones that are like a boot but if you cant deside the chaco like ones would be good I just need something with a tighter better fit the boot ones are like hiking shoes but they still look good thanks for all you do for me! if you don't want to send the shoes I can buy some down here but they aint chacos haha o well pray about it haha Love you Love Elder Jed Hazlett

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

dad your not rigging this one alone! heavenly father is with you and he is the best boat rigger there is and besides your amazing so im sure you can handle it! how is the water lookin for this year? I hear that the weather has been kinda crazy! I know that the lord will bless us all and as Elder bednar stated that this is just the load that we need to have the spiritual traction to get and keep going! I really enjoyed that talk! it reminded me of all the good times getting wood and also going sleddin :) I love this gospel and I am so thankful for this experience to serve here in the west indies! its been crazy I have learned that we need to put the things that are not important at the moment an there moment! for me it has been really hard to forget about the river or the trucks because that is my life and havin add don't help at all! but I have been tryin to always have the articles of faith or a scripture memorized reciting it in my head and that has really helped me! of coarse it doesn't help when the senior missionaries call me and ask if they can book a river trip! haha its ok though that's what helps me relax a bit at night I just picture myself on top of the food boxes of an s-rig or on the deck of a row boat on a paco pad the beds here are not as comfortable as a paco I wish I had mine haha o well ill have it just now! this week has been difficult the members here have kinda lost trust in the missionaries and so they don't want to come teaching with us we just both got transferred in and so far we have had 2 member lessons in the last two weeks! I don't know what to do! haha I have been prayin aout it and something that came to my mind is activitys and so I hope to start an activity night here hopefully it will be good! I love being here on the mission! I have learned so much and it sceems that my attention span has grown drastically sadly my spelling has not! but that's why they have awesome computers haha any ways I love this gospel and I cannot see me ever leaving Love ya Keep strong and of good courage! memorize scriptures they will help you work miricles!!!! Love Elder Hazlett
ps. the mailing system here is fine south amarica is under some kind of disturbance I think it is the dark force! however here it an island and there for not affiliated with them haha its great! so ya the best way would be to send it regular mail or if your sending a package I would love to have those boot like style chaco shoes that I got I can polish them and get them lookin good I am in a walkin area now ant they would be very nice! Love Ya Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

as for jacob kory and jake ya otta read with then first nephi 4: 30- 35 and talk to them about how nephi saved the servant of laban from being lost and thing and then turn to 2 nephi 1 30- the end of the chapter and teach them that because nephi grabed him that he and his posterety will be blessed and we see throught history that they were blessed as long as they stayed faithful! also get them involved kory will come if it is something fun maybe a camping trip or something same with jake colyer for jacob i just want you to tell him how much i love and appreciate him in being such a great example to me and always being willing to go out and have some fun with me even though he didnt see the fun in it! he is really an amazing guy! 

the last couple weeks have been chaos but good its not to usual for us to blank an area but sometimes due to different sircumstances the lord sees fit to do so! i feel after talkin to the bishop it is that the lord wants us to get the members involved! and frankly i need to learn just how to do that! there is a member here who served with mike neson in florida and he is awesome his name is Naresh sookhan he is really cool and i hope we will be able to work with him a bit to really get the members excited about the work! also what the west indies mission is focusing on is whats called a house meeting which is just that its just like fhe but on different days of the week! there fantastic we will be starting one here shortly.

this first picture is the baptism that we had a coulpe weeks ago of mia kong she is the girl in the middle she is 11 years old and her baptism reactivated her whole family who have not been to church for several years! it was awesome! :) the second one is the baptism of andrea Blair and kenroy her husblan was baptized in december and tonya kenroys daughter went to guyana shortly after that and will be gettin baptized soon and hopefully going on a mission! the blair family is awesome they remind me alot of our family they have a 7 year old daughter zipporia who is just so funny! they are awesome!!!! its been great here i truly love life and i love being a missionary! just last night my companion and i were walkin back to our appartment around 7:15 which is supper early for us but we had noone to go visit i was kinda frusterated and so i said a prayer asking heavenly father to fill our time! now i knew heavenly father answeres prayers but that quick?? as soon as i asked for his help i felt like ella enchanted my body turned right down the street that is parallel to the one our apartment is on and as we walked a ways i saw a lady sitting against a tree almost in tears she was just so vexed at life and could not take it any more i immedatly raddled off the first part of the restoration about god is our loveing heavenly father and spent just a short time with her and at the end of the 10 min lesson she was so much more relaxed and at ease and she told us how her husband had died a couple years ago and her 5 kids were father less and it was was such a great experince! low and behold the lord promped me to keep goin up that street and go over to our street on the next one and we met some great people up there and needless to say we were almost late by the time we got home it was such a cool Experience! the lord will help us he is just waiting for us to truly ask with real intent to follow!! Love ya Love eder Hazlett 

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

this week is transferes :( :( :( i am leaving arima and i am headed a couple miles down the road to curepe which is real close to the mission home and mission office! i am supper excited because it means i get to work with the assistants a bit more and also i get to this wednesday go eat dinner with my original group who came out with me just over two years ago! it will be sad to see them go but i was thinkin as i was waiting to take the written test to get my trinidad drivers license ( no i only got the light motor vehicle license, was tempted to get the commercial license haha) and i was thinkin that i have gotten to the point ware i feel totally comfortable with the people and the surroundings. it has been really cool to see the changes that i have gone threw i feel it has been so dramatic that even i have nodiced! haha i took the test and after the usual of filling out a few of the wrong questions on the sheet i went back and correctly was able to fill it out withought gettin distracted once! haha it was way cool! and i passed the test! :) horray!!! thats live haha anyways this week has gone by so stinkin fast! this past year has its crazy to think just one year ago i was still gettin ready to go! but also gettin ready for the river! i have learned so much out here and i can now read a whole page of the book of mormon in 3 min! sadly my spelling has not gotten much better! haha nor grammer if i really try i can do it but i feel that if i do that then i will run out of time! haha life here is great i love it! this next transfer i am blanking the area or whitewashing it whatever you wish to call it! i am just gratefull that i am not training as well! haha that will be at a later time! :) any ways i love you all! hope you are happy i am so greatful for your prayers! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

this week was another baptism i wish i could send pictures but today we desided to be a very adventurous and asked our mission president if we could go ziplining and he said that it was fine! and man was it a cool Experience it was really inderesting not being apart of a safty speach and not really knowing what we were doing  and i realized that every person that we walk by are trying to go down the zip line and there just spinning in circles and we are here to provide the help and to show them the proper way! they may screw up sometimes but they will get it and perfect it! its great having the missionary mentality relating things we do to the gospel! i love it! yes the baptism this week was a lady named andrea and she is solid she does hair and her husband is so humble and willing to learn! he will be a leader soon! he was baptized in december and was able to baptize here it was one of the best baptism's i have attended! anyways im sorry i dont have much time traffic was nuts it took us 2 hours to travel 5 miles! haha anyways i love you all so much! keep up the faith and thanks for the inspiring words! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

second nephi 9:39 if we keep the councel of the prophets ans smile because we are spiritually minded then we are truly doing whats right! i know this gospel is true! the success this week is we had a baptism of Mia Kong who is 11 years old and her family went less active when she was 7 and so she didnt get the chance to be baptized it was anamazing experience to see the change in her family her mom and two brothers marcus and malcolm both were ordained priests in the aaronic Priesthood and it was really amazing to see the change of heart they went threw as they were fllowshiped back into the church! i love this gospel so much! that was probably the highlight of our week! i cannot believe how fast time is going by! if you think about it i would be getting home in two weeks from now how rediculos is that! supper fast time has flown! on that note david archuletta is gettin home soon i bet the girls are super happy and excited! hahaha any ways how is the water lookin for this summer? did dad get rid of the blue and green buses yet? if not we should pull one of the motors out and pit i in the green weenie! its the same maker so im sure it would fit! haha just somethin i thought of randomly this week i promis i am not home sick! thats just how i think! lol! any ways other than that we are movin into a new apartment! it sceems that i am always moving something around haha i guess that is something the lord has blessed me with the ability to move stuff! haha o well its fun! My companion and we had two inestigators at church on sunday and we have a baptism this week thursday hopefully two andrea is for sure and tonya is still skeptable but she is totally ready! they both know that the church is true they just need to do it and feel the spirit with them! i love this gospel and i know the church is true! I love you all and i hope you have a great week! Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey Everyone!! Its been a Crazy week. So far its Wednesday and we have not taught a single lesson lol its great! we were stuck inside for carnival because its basically like a big drunk person party all thought town so ya but luckily we got permission to go to the church to an activity so we spent the days there playing with everyone and having a great time playing games and bbq it was awesome! also if you have ever played or heard of a game called risk ware you take over the world ya i totally dominated yesterday using helimen's strategy of protect then take over hahaha it was great! 

anyways the most frustrating part of missionary work of coarse is the computer stuff! i wish everyone had the same computer and it was set up the same way! but it never is! lol o well ill figure it out eventually maybe. I am so thankful for the patience that i have acquired over the few months and the ability to get over my pride and be able to serve more fully and way more effective! i love it here! and i found out something that i need to do!!! district meeting was today and we learned about how to study! and of coarse i applied it to the river and i remembered something that Sarah said to me one time! she said you really loved your mission! because you talk about it all the time! and so i figured out what i need to do is make the scriptures my river and get to know them as well as i know the river! so that's what i am going to be doing as i study ill be paying close attention to things just like i would be if i was dropin into the big drops! and as i do that i know the lord will bless me for doing that! now hopefully i will go on the scriptures more than on the river! it aint no seasonal thing!
thats what i am doing!!!! this week! hope everything is going well with you all over there i love you all and i hope you have a fantastic week! love Elder Hazlett

Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Thank you so much for the inspiring words!!! The things that you say to me every week, are really helpful, even if they don't seem so important they really are! Before i begin i have a few business items to take care of first off my debit card expires in march, and i will probably need a new one! If you send it in the mail it will get to me just fine! :). Also this next week is Carnival and it is not good so next week we will be able to email on Wednesday. During Carnival, we are required to stay inside for Monday and Tuesday.
Now, for the fun part!! This week has been great, A little slow but it turned out alright. It was stake conference, and we were able to hear from the stake and mission Presidents, as well as Sister Mehr. Elder Gamiette of the 70 who was the mission President before President Mehr also got to address us, it was awesome. Only one investigator (Eutriz) showed up for church but she loved it! The rest of the week was good. It has been a little hard, but hey that's life! ITS AMAZING  how much time flies when your having fun!
Today for our activity, we had the opportunity to go to the beach. It was a long drive! We drove after getting lost and getting rear ended by the sister missionaries that were following us (there used to walking and riding bikes)  the impact was not hard so nothing happened to the cars it was just funny. When we got to the beach; after almost 3 hours, we played football (American style) and i forgot how to play it! Ha ha o well it was a lot of fun! then we went and got bake and shark which is like a scone and fried shark inside it! it was great, taste just like fish! ha ha o and one of the Elders here has an amazing memory and he can recite movies from begging to end and so we had him do the Incredibles and it was amazing! i wish i could do that and then to bring the spirit back because that's probably not the best thing to listen to we had him do the 20 min restoration video! It was a great way to Spend the car ride, it was awesome and we even tuned it to the MOTAB song at the right time! its been a great day! long day though!

anyways my studies are hard i try so hard to keep up with our reading schedule, but i really want to study 30 min in the book of Mormon and 30 in preach my gospel. There just is not enough for me to be able to keep up so when i get a ways behind, ill jump up to ware everyone is reading. Its probably not the best thing, but our mission president really wants us to be reading the same thing to build mission unity! Its awesome i have learned and grown so much. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve at this time! i hope everything is going great in Moab! i love you all so much keep up the hard work Love Elder Hazlett

Ps: can you send me a picture of the GMC of the front of the truck it would be awesome to make a planner cover like i did with the pimp daddy! Love Ya   

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

this week was transfer week and as you may guess it was a bit slower! we only taught 18 lessons the whole week but despite the trials the lord took over what we were not able to do for ourselfs and he blessed 5 investigators and 4 less active members who have not been to church for like 5 years to have the desire to attend church! We were so happy to see them and all of them showed up early to church! it was truly humbling to see that desire light up in there lives! i know this gospel is true and that the lord loves us all as his children! i am so thankfull for the time that i have to spend here. 

our appartment doesnt really have an address i just know how to get there lol its just in the back of an older couples house and its preaty big! there are 4 missionaries in this apartment and sometimes its rough but alot of the time it is really good to have roleplays with 4 people instead of just two! The Church is not in an industrial area its surounded by houses and on the one side of it there is a church! its great though! if you go onto and go onto the meeting house locator in the quick links and search arima trinidad it will pull it up! its great! any ways i love you all and sadly i have run out of time i hope Everything is going great for you all have fun and keep up the hard work! time flys when your havin fun! love you all love Elder Hazlett

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

i was guna wish you happy birthday last week but i got totally distracted!
our Elders quarm president is competing for first place in a michael jackson dance competition he is super good!
this week was transfer calls and i am supprizingly staying here with my companion Elder Grange! he is awesome and really helps me Expecally memorizeing and such! he is such a great guy! he reminds me alot of chris andrew! any ways the couple people that we had set for baptism fell are not lookin so hot for this week but we still have one set as our goal! so we are prayin for a miracle! as preach my gospel teaches pray for and expect miricles!
it sounds like everything is going great back home! ill always struggle bein away from home! (the river) but i have learned that if i just channel that thought into something spiritual and dont think about how much i miss it it will be alright in the end and ill be able have the spirit with me! the hardest part is just staying focused in lessons! i try so hard and yet one little thing gets my attention and then im in lala land! haha its okay though! the branch is amazing we just got a new branch mission leader and he is so excited to help us out with anything and everything! most of the time we can just send him a text sayin hey how are you doin? and he will respond with pick me up at 4:30! it is awesome and also he got this list together to have all the members go along with us that he takes around to every class on sunday! he is a boss!!
this week we have been lookin for am apartment and its real hard here to find a good one but we just need to find one and move in! i hope we will find one soon! anyways i hope you have a fantastic week i think i have a sinous infection which makes it so my whole right side of my head achs and i cant help it! its alright it will just help me focus on that instead of the river! its aight! just hurts a bit! no worries everything will be just fine! :) Love you all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

this week was a great week i of coarse am not perfect and i know that and i know that i need to do better alot of the time ill just let my companion teach when were in a lesson because he is real talkative and im the person that if i aint sayin anything i aint guna! its funny how that works! also i get supper distracted and really space out when i need to focus! its rough but i am working on it! i i have been fasting and praying to get the strenth to over come that add stuff and what i have learned is that it aint easy but its workin! better than any medication! i still have a hard time gettin motivated to do stuff and that i cant figure out why! some days i just get up and i just feel like not doing any thing! and then i realized what it was!!! STUDIES 

my studies those days were still effective but they wern't as effictive as they should or could be! and also wakin up in the mornin is hard it sucks i hate it but i know if i want to be a diligent missionary i gotta do it! one of the goals we have is that we changed obedience from being a burdon to being our quest! and man has it made a difference in the spirit of the work! we are teaching alot of people and one of the families we are teaching is the blair family! kenroy the dad was baptized in december and he is solid! we showed up to church and we saw him and we thought he was the stake President! it was awesome! he blessed the sacrament and he is just so solid in the gospel its awesome! his wife andrea they have been married 2 years and each has a daughter from before but andrea is gettin there she just needs to realize that we are representing jusus christ and tellin her to be baptized! and tonya is kenroys daughter she is 19 and loves church and she is plannin on gettin baptized on the 12 next wendsday! its crazy good though! then zipporia is tonya's taughter and she is 7 so she will be baptized shortly! its been such a great weekl! i love you all and hope your have a fantastic week as well!!! Love Elder Hazlett 

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

thats so awesome that people are gettin married and such! im excited for this next summer of guides! i hope Everyone will be able to learn fast low water is good for new guides! it has really helped me look at the bright side of things!! im guessing lexy married shea?? i Hope your hireing lots of girls for me and zak when we get home! hahaha! but im not focusing on that! im focused on the work here and working with the members is such a great blessing the previous missionaries kinda got caught up in some drama of the branch and so the members kinda lost trust in the missionaries! and i could see that in them when i first came into the area! now i aint perfect but i do my best! the most frusterating thing is P day because is is something different and you dont really know how to go about it! its funny i kinda relate it to the river its like doing cisco's all summer and then throwing you on a scout trip! hahaha its rough! the worst part that is so frusterating to me is loging onto these blasted computres! it always takes like 5 min of me trying and then i have to get someone else to do it for me! i wish i could just always be loged on or something! anyways life here is good!!!!! its alot of fun! my companion and i are teaching the blair family who the dad is a recent convert and his wife and daughter are investigators! andrea his wife is kinda strugling about workin on sunday but the daughter tanyah is doing great she has been reading every day morning and night and we can really see the light start to glow in her it is awesome!!!!!! amyways i gota get going love you all so much! Love Elder Hazlett

Ps. cody is the olders girl from jaye right? i remember stoping by there house some time ago and meetin her and a few siblings! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

thanks Joe Andrew and dani! there is an elder in our zone who reminds me alot of you joe!! andrew your erreplacable and dani lol i have a picture of you rowing dad's boat threw rapid ten sittin on my desk! everyone thinks it is soo cool its great to have such wonderful examples like you all! 

We play alot of sports and on the other islnds we went to the beach alot more because it is close and here in trinidad its about an hour away! the city here is called arema and we are actually not in the city it self we are across the highway! if you look an the church website under meeting house locater you can zoom right into the arema chapel! its awesome my companion is just like chris andrew except he is more mello the contacting is the same throught the mission on the english side people are to scared to knock on peoples doors so everyone just calls inside the house! what ya do is stand by the gate and yell inside! its great! i like it alot better than knocking! the bag that you sent is at the assistants apartment so we are going there to get it right after we are done emailing the smiths just took everything out of the box and put it in the bag and took it to zone conference in barbados and the aassistants got it here thank you so much for the birthday wishes and also for the bag! i love the quotes that mom says at the end of her emails the first page of my planner is full of quotes from people and mom! its great take a deep breath and put your back to the wind and row!!! love you all hope your week will be awesome! if you et a chance look at alma 50 16 haha love you! love Elder Hazlett

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

so yesterday was zone conference and we were able to have Elder anderson of the 70 come and address us all and boy what an experience he didnt really say alot he basically just opened up the floor to a Q&A meeting and it was great to know of the wonderfull things that the lord had in store for us we just have to go get them we cannot just sit AND let them happen that dont work you have to become friends with everyone and help them not drag them down! 

today we went to the beach and man that was alot of fun we played ultimate and it was alot of fun! then we came home and washed the car and it was really dirty i couldnt believe how dirty it was but it has never been washed before and it has 7000k on it! any ways i know this church is true and that god loves us and that we are all here for a purpos! love you loads Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

hello family and friends!!! this last week i was transfered to Arema Trinidad and it is an amazing place with lots of potential we have really been striving to work with the members lately and it is really cool to see the members light up with the spirit of the missionary work! they have been inviting friends and family and having alot of fun with the members here we have also threw our own efforts contacted and talt mamy lessons!! one of which was the other day and in the morning we do spiritual exchanges which are just like role plays but better! we are able to learn more and were able to get out of the door with the spirit and excitement that we need as missionaries! my companion is Elder Grange and he is awesome!!!!! he reminds me alot of chris andrew!! which is probably why he is so easy to get along with because he has the patience and understanding that chris has! its awesome the lord was truly inspired to put us together!! 

one of the mornings after the spiritual excanges we went to teach this lady named eutris and she was a contact and the first lesson but i felt like restoration was not what she needed to hear so we opened up the book of enos and as we read her eyes got big! and i was not feeling the spirit as much as i should have i was kinda just going threw the motions and then after we got to verse 11 in enos i stoped and asked her very bluntly and boldly not really expecting her to say what she said! i aksed once you find these things are true? will you be baptized and before i could finish my sentence she said excitedly OF Coarse!! and it really hit me off guard and i said thats gre... wait what thats incredable alright so we set up a return apointment for wednesday and she said she has a friend she wants to introduce us to and he will be there on wednesday 

we left the car parked by her house and went and talked to some people and when we came back to the car a couple hours later she called our hey this is my friend i was telling you about and she looked at him and said these are the guys i told you i gelt different about and so once again we sat down and shared the same thing with him and he said almost the exaact same thing and we gave them a book of mormon and it was amazing to see how the lord prepares his children and yet he will wait untill two diligent and loving missionaries will come into that area! i am so excited for this transfer and its going to be such a live changing experience for me! and for all those i meet! and i am so thankfull for the oppurtunity that i have to be here and to serve everyone here this gospel is amazing! and it is such a great blessing in my life!!!! any ways i hope everyone is doing well i am doing fantastic! i really couldnt be better unless i had all the scriptures memorized that i should!!! any ways i love you all and keep up the good faith! with love Elder Jed Hazlett