Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

This week elder Payne has been sick and so we have stayed inside most of the week, which is rough because i can't stand being inside for a long time but I have gained a new love for the scriptures. i am in ether already.  My mission is going by way fast it feels like i just left yesterday. i don't have to much to say because we were inside but i did bake and cook everything we could cook in our house the house we are living in is a three bedroom house and its quite nice there is no ac in the house but it cools down to a perfect temperature at night so its great. Any ways this week we had 6 people total at church because there was a cricket match going on and everyone was at it so it was really quiet oh well. i have talked in church every week and we switch off between Elder Payne and I on who teaches the lesson in Sunday school its a blast to be out here. I learned that i only get car sick if i am hungry lol so i just eat before and i'm totally fine!! :)  Love ya! Love Elder Hazlett 

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