Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

this week i got to fulfill my dream of driving the mission van! it is a toyota hiace which is toyota's bersion of a 15 passenger van! its a diesel and a 5 speed manuel transmission! it was awesome!!! any ways also this week was a hard week as i am trying to cope with trying to focus and humbling myself when i am corected by my companion and keeping on teaching! he is steller were getting alot of work done but it just makes me not want to do anything! its been frusterating but its alright i guess the lord wants me to learn from this experience! i dont know how to explain it other than life is good! haha 

We went to play basket ball this morning and the assistants came and i was talking to him and he asked what i liked to do on P-day? i have yet desided what i like to do on P-day! mainly because we have not gone golfing! haha i dont think i answered all i could think about was driving or building something! lol this saturday we have Aleem gettin baptized and on the 7 we have Bernadette gettin baptized! its been going great! its hard but its worth it! i love this gospel and i am so gratefull for the oppurtunity to be here with these people! i love the ward and the bishop and everyone is so easy to get along with 

ask andrew how the pimp is runnin? haha life in trinidad is fun everyone is so laid back and yet so busy! haha its great i love it here! this week i have been studying on the law of consecration! but during comp. study i just get frusterated but thats normal when i have a smart comp! haha he has read alot of things and knows the gospel really well! i love him! any ways i dont want to take up any more of your time! tell everyone hi for me! i bet its cool when the passengers ask about our family and we have two missionaries out and 5 guides out its super cool to see that! i love this gospel and i am so thankful for the wonderful time i have here Love ya all Love Elder Hazlett

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

hey life is good!!!!! its hard but its worth it! were in a computer shop and there is a guy who is blasting wrap music on the side its great! makes me appreciate mormon tabernacle choir! :) one of the hardest things here is everyone has loud music its cool though! its so hard not to know the new songs! lol anyways! Aleem is doing awesome! he is 13 gettin ready to be baptized on the 31 and we have been meeting with his family as well! its great! 

I hate computers! haha ya aleem is fantastic he has only been to church twice and he fits in so well with everyone i know that the lord is helping us with him and his family! i feel like i am finaly adjusting to the weather here im starting to sweat all the time like a trinie or maybe im just out of shape haha im guessing the first one! haha anyways this week has been great! i have realized that i have alot to work on as everyone already knows! haha i get into a mode ware i just want to build something and sadly i have already fixed everything that i can in our apartment! its rough but its good! i love this gospel! yesterday in church the topic was alot about mothers! and we sang hymn 292 one of my favorites! and the spirit was so strong! we do have a heavenly mother! :) it was so cool to reconize that! anyways im sorry its short this rap music and the no air condishioning is frusterating me! haha 

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

hey yes it was fantastic to talk to you all! made me miss everyone alot but on the good hand i am grateful for Marcus i have been feeling down a bit lately and he kept coming across my mind for some reason! it was always in conjunction with D&C 31 5-6 it was totally the spirit speeking peace to my sole i just couldnt understand what it was saying but now that i see that he is comming back it was an answer to my prayers! the spirit is amazing!!!!!!! anyways the time that we have been here in tuna puna has been fantastic! i hope you were able to understand bishop Rhamdhani! he is awesome! i love that family loads! there supper nice anyways not much else to say this week talked to you yeaterday! Love you All Love Elder Hazlett  

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

This week was Spectacular! well really i just wanted to spell that word! haha it was an interesting week! we got transfer calls and me and elder bates are staying together for another transfer! he is awesome we make a real good team! haha he gets the serious things done and then i back it up by bearing testamony and having fun! haha its awesome! its supper hard not having a car now i have resorted to wishing we were driving even the oldest vehicles we have! haha i guess that makes me grateful for having all the cool toys we have lol 

any ways the time that we have had this week was short! it was super busy!! with baptisms and such going on and all the things that we have to do! i am still a junior companion but thats okay i love it! i dont have to talk on the phone at night and stuff! any ways! my companion and i are emailing in the mission office because we just happened to be here, and i heard a group of people comming up the staires and they were making alot of noise and i was thinking to myself man they need to be more quiet! and as they walked in the door it was one of the senior couples and the mission President and his wife! lol it was funny! the purpos is to have fun with everything!!!!!!! so i try to! Hehe its hard but its also fun!!! also i have been trying to focus on focusing on missionary work! lol its hard but its worth it! its hard but its worth it! i learned that the best way to get down the river of a mission is a paddle boat methood aka the missionarys in the back steering and the members paddling! it works alot better that the missionaries trying to row by our selfs! haha any ways thats my river insight for the week! or maybe just these 5 min! lol its been great being back on my mission! one thing that i miss and wish that i didnt have to shave every stinkin day! it is annoying! o well its good i guess! hard but good this mission is crazy with all the legistics that go on! i fee that you would do great here mom! haha any ways im trying to do my best at being the best i can be here and loving everyone and not critisizing someones driving even though it is real bad! haha its okay its a good learning experience! Anyways i hope everything is going great! Love you ALL Love Elder Hazlett