Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Transfers came this week and i have been assigned to go to the island of grenada! my comp. and i are blanking the area so it will be interesting! but im excited to go! yesterday was a great day in church we had two of our members speak and then Elder dickerson who was transfered in the middle of the week to be with us and he bore his testamony and then because i am leavin i was able to bare my testamony and everyone there complimented on how quickly i have gotten out of my shy state and how much more relaxed and relyant on the spirit i am it was really good! then it was also my turn to teach gospel prncipal's class and the whole time i kept thinking to my self this is not me teaching this is the spirit! it was a great lesson! 

Bro. cain is a boss he is not all there in the head but he knows the church is true and he loves the missionarys. this friday i went on splits with him and Elder Payne and Elder dickerson went to teach someone else it was great the lord teaches in very crazy but cool amazing ways Elder Payne gets annoied with brother Cain but i find him awesome however he does say things that shouldnt be said or in the wronk way but thats okay i love teaching with him. sadly i am leaving to grenada so i wont teach with him any more but i bet i will have some great experiences there! since i am leaving i am so far away from george town and i thought i had them but it turns out that i left my camera battery charger in our appartment and also the card reader and the cord so hopefully i will find a way to get it back ill get it one way or the other just wont be sending pictures soon :( o well on the good note we went to the beach again today and played frisbee and cricket it was a blast!  this next area is called St.Georges Gran anas and from what i hear its the city part of the island so it should be interesting. well i gotta email President Mehr still i love ya so much and im so gratefull for the example you and dad have set for me!!! love Elder Jed Hazlett

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