Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

this week started out long and ended with a bang!!! o man it was fun 

the beginning of the week started out SLOW with me being sick monday evening and tuesday we had district meeting and we got back in our area at 3 and still had studies to do so we got out to work at 5 it was rough! but Wednesday things started to pick up and we began to go finding because our teaching pool is about 2 people and so we went finding most of the week! we were not able to really see many people and the people that we did see they were eather interested interested in us as white young men or not interested at all just willing to talk just so they could go back inside and do there thing thats how almost every day was then saturday came around and Lydia was baptized and it was such a cool Experience!!!! my first time baptizing someone in a chapel font i was real nerves. but i had the miscle memory from doing baptisms it was no problem! my bigest worrie was that i would say the prayer for the dead lol but it went great one try smooth run greased it then after the baptism we went back and went finding again and the same thing then we went to a less active's house to find him drunk he spent about 10 mins just slaping me until he felt better it was very interesting testamony that one should not drink!!! then sunday was the bang!!! we get to the church at 8:30 to open it and get ready for church and there is no power in the area so we had no lights or fans and to top it all off the water is run on an electric pump so no water eather lydia was confirmed and no problems with that we desided to only have sacrament because the building was really warm! and druing the last talk niketta Lydias 16 year old daughter who is 5 months Pregnant passed out because the heat and has a seizure we were able to take care and she and the baby are doing okay now luckily this has happened before with her and also that is the third time something like that happened in church i really love the people here!! i always find it funny that they live in a caribbean country and if it is to hot or to cold things like that happen deffinatly nt used to climat changes at all! any ways  thats an acount of this week i the average life Of Elder Hazlett wes very odd but hey there is never a dull moment!! Love You ALL Love Elder Hazlett  

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