Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

this week i was feeling kinda frusterated as i have sceemed to let myself get distracted a bit and elder ballards talk came at me like hitting the red wall at 80000 cfs! and it made me realize that i need to pay attention to everything not just the river and driving i thought about it! when i am totally focused i can and do zone everything out i can still hear everything going on i just only focus on one thing! as usual the hardest thing is gettin on the river or gettin the ball roling in missinary work! bear with me im typing fast because i am excited so sorry about the spelling and grammer
this week i was feeling depressed and over whelmed and home sick and i had the oppurtunity to have an interview with the mission President and he directeded me to a senior missionary who is a mental health something or other but he helped me threw things and i was able to feel happy again threw the atonement fo christ is for everything and any challenges that we face remember the lord has suffered all things! and is able to help if we mearly ask i am so thankful for the wonderful leaders that we have here in the mission and in life! I truly do love this gospel! i am so thankful for the love that the savior has for us all and i feel just as enos felt he says " and now it came to pass that when i had heard these words I began to feel a desire for the welfare of my brethren" such a powerful statement that is that after we utalize the atonement in our lives we WILL feel a desire to help othere! thats probably why i love helping others!!! i truly do love this gospel! and i am thankful for everything that has been going on in my life! I truly do love you all and i love being here Love Elder Hazlett

ps my return date is december 16

thank you dad for being the wonderful example that you are to me i truly do love you and you have always been there when i needed a friend i love you and your amazing your example has made me want to always be better and to always try my best and most of all think before i act! like just now i was foing to ask you to look for a cummings swap for the duelie and a rebuild kit fro the pimp but that will wait i just wanted to say hi and thank you for all the einsiring things that you say to me love you dad! lookin froward to spending some time with you soon Love Elder Hazlett

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