Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014

this week has been slow again but it was a great one as well it seems that the closer to the end it comes the faster it goes! time is fling by really quickly! but it is going great! i love serving the lord despite all my challenges! and yes i have a lot of them! but being out here on a mission i have truly learned to work with them! Yesterday was our thanksgiving dinner and our mission president invited us all up the the mission home and the mission president gave a few min talk on gratitude and love and how there interrelated it was awesome and also we were hanging out at the mission home and just being thankful for things! and i was just wondering around and my A.D.D kicked in and i was just wandering around not really knowing what to do and it looked as though i was looking for something and i walked up to a senior sister and the mission presidents wife and they asked what i was looking for and i told them nothing its just the A.D.D kickin in with to many people around and nothing for me to really do and so they gave me a quiet place and a book to read for a few min and it helped for a while then later i could not sit still untill i grabed a pillow and held it in my lap! and listined to a story that the mission Presidents friend was sharing! its amazing how the lord works! also on sunday the Mission President came to church with us and it was totally inspired i love this gospel and how it truly changes people we got the branch all set up to rebuild the branch so that it wont close down! i love this branch way to much to see it go under! i truly love this gospel! i know that this church is true and that god Lives and loves us! i am so thankful for you all and the wonderful influence you are to me! With Love Elder Hazlett 

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