Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

this week was interesting a very hard week and it was going rough and it was just all in all rough! but it was good! it is a struggle to be here but i know that the lord is helping us here i know this gospel is true and that God lives and loves up! as i draw near to the close of my service for the lord the more mixed feelings that i have i love the people here and i love the people at home i feel like i am being torn in two! but hey thats okay i gotta keep strong with the little time i have left! i love you all and i am so thankful for this oppurtunity to come and serve a mission for the lord! I love it! even though it has been extreemly hard! it has been the best time of my life! any ways ill talk to you later! have a great day and keep smiling!! sincerly Elder Hazlett

a picture of me singing "it came upon a midnight clear" improve went pretty well considering! it was fun!  

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