Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey no news is very good, they said here that letters take about three weeks to get here from the states. the humidity is alright i can deal with it here. nearly everyone talkes like violet and alot of them dont know how to read so as we teach we are also teaching alot of people how to read and amazing! i love it here my companion is elder george. :)i now have to shave every day haha probably the worst possable timeing! haha all well though! st. vincint is amazing after i missed the flight wendsday morning to get here cuz the ap's were late picking us up and didnt tell us whigh airline we were goin on i missed the first flight but i got on another one that took me on a tour of a few of the islands it was great! thats so exciteing about Derek and Garrison good luck men! You will have a blast!!! tell everyone hi for me! i know that the lord wants me here and thats why there is no water in the river haha i gettin alot of good walkin practice in to! the busses here are awesome!!! well i love you all and hope you have a good day i miss all of you!!!! love Elder Hazlett

 My address is
po box 601 kingstown st vincent, west indies

here are a few pictures more will come after my first baptism on saturday
this is the view from the church!

haha its Donna's restaurant

before leaving

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