Monday, April 30, 2012

Questions we wanted answered – What are the people like there?  Are they mostly friendly to you?  Do a lot of them feel the same way the man did about blacks not holding the priesthood for sometime?  What city are you actually in?  Is there a lot of crime, or does it feel pretty safe?  Is there public transportation there like buses and taxes or do you have to walk everywhere? 

April 30, 2012
mail.jpgHey you should see the signs and bill boards and the way people talk here then you wouln't bug me as much about my bad punctuation and spelling! I’m sending some pictures with this of the baptism it was an amazing experience!!! Everyone for the most part is really chill.   Most everyone will talk to us except for the people that are really scared of change, but we keep stopping by their house til they come talk haha.  There are only a few people that don’t understand as usual that they think that we are racist but we are not.  We tell them that.  I am in the town of Ratholmill.  I don’t really know how to spell it but that’s close.  It’s basically the country :) It’s open spaces with lots of hills.  There is almost no crime. People are so respectful.  There are busses not much bigger than the Sienna, but they hold 15 people with ease.  We mostly walk and sometimes get the car from the senior couple and the sisters! :) I teared up when I read about Matt and Kameka!! That is so awesome!!!!!!! I miss the temple. I love going there. I feel more at home in the temple than I do on the river! haha Lots of people are gettin hitched.  That’s fantastic! I told Randy and Puff they had to wait till I got back but oh well, they better be at mine! :)

Baptism pictures

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