Monday, April 23, 2012

Jed’s letter has responses from the following questions we asked him:
How has your week been?  Dad and I decided that we needed to throw out a few questions so you will give us a little more information .  How has your testimony grown in the last week?  What is your apartment like?  What kind of foods do you eat?  Where is your companion from?   Where do you find the people that you teach?  Door to door or on street corners? Is there a ward or a branch on the island and how many members are there?

Monday, April 23, 2012
Hey it has been great!!  We are having our first baptism on Saturday and I will send pictures next Monday!  My testimony has grown tremendously!! But my spelling has sadly not gotten any better!  I know without a doubt that the church is the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATER-DAY SAINTS JUST THE OTHER DAY WE HAD A MAN WALK UP TO US WHEN WE WERE TALKING TO ANOTHER GUY AND STARTED YELLING AT US SAYING THAT THE GUY THAT CREATED THE CHURCH SAID THAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE CURSED AND sorry  I forgot to take caps lock off and I’m too lazy to re type that hahaha.  But anyways he went on with that for a while and then when he quieted down I asked "brother where did you get that information?? It says something in the bible about someone getting cursed with dark skin but Joseph Smith did not say anything like that! Then he flipped out again and drove off! hahaha Its funny walking down the street and we see a white person and we look at them weird, it’s funny!  Most people call us the “wit gus” and that’s about how it sounds!   My apartment is awesome.  It’s long and we have water filters to filter the water to drink.  The Pepsi is not from America but it’s still good. Elder Tolman and a couple other missionaries got deported back to Miami for a few because they did’t have a paper or something like that! Oh, well they sent them to a different island! We mainly eat hot dogs and stuff like that, but all the food I have had here from the members is great like chicken foot stew.  It’s really bony hahaha. It’s good though.  We eat alot here its great! The time is flying by!!!
 Elder George is from California, Tuba City I believe!  We simply walk down the streets and call into houses and stop anyone and everyone that is there and willing to listen! we just got this new family to teach.  They are really cool. The dad knows it is true and his girlfriend does as well.  Their two kids age 7 and 4 would love primary.  We have only taught them once but they will be baptized by the end of June!
There are two branches on the island.  The one that we are working with has about 70 people in attendance each week and the other one has around 100.  It is a bigger area and it has the city in it.  Me and Elder George have the great opportunity to work with the sister missionaries.  The missionaries are assigned two companionships per branch and we also have a senior couple in ours.  They are awesome!!! So glad to hear that the cat trip went great! Everyone always asks me about the river! haha It’s awesome.  I love it out here.  Honestly if I had the option to go home even if the water level was like last year I still wouldn’t come home.  It will be hard to leave.  The time is flyin by!! It feels like it was just yesterday that I got out of the van at the MTC haha.  Last night I helped a guy get a stripped lug nut off his flat tire and got his contact number! There is no street names here they go by landmarks.  It’s nice cuz that’s how I do stuff to there to hahaha:) Anyways I love you all so so so much and I got both the letters from grandma & grandpa! They were awesome to read I love getting letters.  We don’t get letters much down here.  Oh well I got to go to work now! :)

PS. I have found that I have a lot more energy and am a much happier person now than I ever was before! I believe I am forgettin myself in the work! It’s great!! I still talk like i do! HAHA  Oh well I am understanding the people here a bit more.  It’s mostly a guessing game hahah usually I’m right! With love!!! Elder Hazlett

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