Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

so this week has been crazy we first off there are three of us who have not gotten our companions because grenada is being dumb and wont let them in because they don't have a work permit and that is also the case with the senior couple so there is three of us working two areas my area is the same as one of the others were just working together with it because ther are running errands for the senior couple o man I am so gratefull for senior couples and we need a lot more!!!!! there is a lot going home and only a few comeing out! elder oaks said that the west indies mission would not be possible without the senior couples its so true we are so busy with all of that stuff any ways the two elders I am with are both from Utah and one Elder Jeppson is in Brian Merrell's stake and is real close to him so instantly we bonded and then we talked some more and I found my long lost twin! its crazy!! everything except he is a little more smart with books and stuff but that's ok! he is great! then there is elder dal who is stuck with us and knows nothing about cars but he is always busy with senior couple errands its fun!

in your testimony your right joseph smith was a prophet of guide! haha was there a pun intended?? I thought it was funny and I am so gratefull for your wonderfull testimony and example in my life its great to know that I have you and dad to rely on when I fall its hard but its worth it!

sad I heard that mike and fan Johnson are moving that will be sad for the scouts fan's brother is going to medical school here and we met up and make the conection it is so great to have all these conections again its fun to meet new people!  the branch is so strong here because of all the med studients there great and I have taken on the assignment of getting the Elders chorme more involved its a hard task but ill be able to do it!! the address here
 po box 3804 lagoon rd
st georges
 west indies

the people are in my phone and also on facebook its not to much of a hassle if you cant get to them if you just put that address on facebook and say it only takes one stamp to send it here it is good! well time is short and im sorry for emailing so late but I love you and I love this gospel and joseph smith was a prophet ang guide from god! I love the book of Mormon and everything about the gosper!!! love ya amd miss ya LOve Elder Hazlett

ps ill be getting my camera stuff back as soon as the senior couple come in! :)

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