Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

1 Timothy 4:15 meditation is what the prophets have told us since the beginning! we have been studying that and that is really how the spirit truly speaks to us! its such a great thing to be able to have! this past fast sunday we had a branch fast for the work permets to come in so we will be able to have the new missionaries come in and what I realized was it was not just up to us to fast and then just do the same thing and just wait for them! but instead we learned that we needed to send or relief society president sister jane who has been baptized just about a year and she is such a strong member and she knows someone in the ministry and so we went in and found the problem and now its just about getting them to do their work! lol its stressfull but it is what we have to do! waiting 4 months for something that should only take 3-4 weeks is redicuolos but anyways so what happened is between one department to the next they somehow got lost so we went in and tracked them down and they should be in by the end of this week! were hoping for that because our numbers have dwindled from 12 to 6 its crazy! inyways sister jane has gotten us teaching her friends her light is truly going strong! its humbling to see such a great person like her in our branch we are teaching her son and her friends who work in her bakery! its some good bread and stuff!its been so great learning my way around this island I sceem to know ware most everything is now and ill tell you it is super confusing to drive on the left side of the road but its awesome at the same time! anyways! I know that this gospel is true and that god lives and loves us all! im so excited about this gospel! and the joy it brings to us and others!!!! I love you all Love Elder Hazlett!!!

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