Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Halloween was interesting we didn't realize that Halloween was this wek until Thursday at around noon when we saw a bunch of the medical student families in costume it was funny! but other than that not much happened! we had another baptism because of the sisters in the area are on fire! and there baptizing grips of people they are baptizing almost weekly and me and my companion are getting burned out of the senior couple stuff! im fine as much as I can be haha its fun! its worth it! a talk from I think Elder Holland keeps coming into my hear its about a soldier or a missionary thatwrights ar prays it has been a long time since I read it but it says hope you know I had a hard time! and I have realized that a mission no matter how hard or easy it may sceem its still worth it and it really will change you!

sadly the grenadians don't celebrate Halloween and thanks giving is in October so its nuts but its worth it its really funny to see the cultural difference between the people here and back home! I love it here!

things I am gratefull for? I am gratefull for the means to serve the lord and all the oppurtunities that he has givin us to serve our neaber and also for loving family who are funny supportive even when I am not the perfect child that they want me to be! I am trying its hard but its worth it! I was reading in preach my gospel about the sabath day and it was really humbling to see what the spirit revealed to me it was that if we want to keep the saboth day holey then we need to go into it with a singleness of heart and to look forward and look up for guidance! not much else happened this week and I am so thankfull for a loving heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ thay they have sacrificed so much for us to experience this life! I love you all and hope you are all doing well! love Elder Hazlett

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