Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

today were having thanksgiving dinner with the zone and of coarse there is no senior couple on the island to make it so we have to do it! we got the turkey and i was in charge of cleaning it out because everyone was to grosed out to stick there hand into the turkey! lol it was super funny! anyways not much else has happened this week it was transfers again and of coarse i stayed here haha i dont feel like im leavin any time soon! as far as the work permits there done but there wanting us to pa for each of them which wouldnt be a problem except there about a thousand dollars each $3,000 EC each which rounds down to about $1125 usd and there are like 15 of them so its going to be an interesting next couple of weeks here on grenada! the mission is only sending its very best here! its a struggle because the work permet is a work permet exemption form which means free! lol but o well whatever happenes the lord has his hand in it! he loves us all and really wants us to be happy and to just serve him holey and just get out there and go to work and do it! if we over think what were going to say we will just confuse others but if we humbly and intently listin the spirit will give us what to say! it also gives us those instances of jenious! which i am not because i dont even know how to spell it! hahah i always remember those times when were in the office trying to figure something out and then i sugest something and its perfect i know that is the spirit speaking to me! and i love it! if we dont have the spirit with us we are not listining to it! i pray that we will all always be listining to the spirit! when my pore companion got a call from the ministry saying that we have to pay for the work permits he got supper stressed and e couldnt figure out why i was so calm untill i told him im not worriein about it because its out of our hands there is nothing we can do but to go out and work and sace soules and do the things that we need to do! and teach people with the spirit! i love this gospel! and as we learn to over come our pride and get to work we will be blessed and i love you all and love this gospel!!! im sorry i gotta run but we gotta get cookin love ya! Love Elder Hazlett!!!!!

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