Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

this week was a great week i of coarse am not perfect and i know that and i know that i need to do better alot of the time ill just let my companion teach when were in a lesson because he is real talkative and im the person that if i aint sayin anything i aint guna! its funny how that works! also i get supper distracted and really space out when i need to focus! its rough but i am working on it! i i have been fasting and praying to get the strenth to over come that add stuff and what i have learned is that it aint easy but its workin! better than any medication! i still have a hard time gettin motivated to do stuff and that i cant figure out why! some days i just get up and i just feel like not doing any thing! and then i realized what it was!!! STUDIES 

my studies those days were still effective but they wern't as effictive as they should or could be! and also wakin up in the mornin is hard it sucks i hate it but i know if i want to be a diligent missionary i gotta do it! one of the goals we have is that we changed obedience from being a burdon to being our quest! and man has it made a difference in the spirit of the work! we are teaching alot of people and one of the families we are teaching is the blair family! kenroy the dad was baptized in december and he is solid! we showed up to church and we saw him and we thought he was the stake President! it was awesome! he blessed the sacrament and he is just so solid in the gospel its awesome! his wife andrea they have been married 2 years and each has a daughter from before but andrea is gettin there she just needs to realize that we are representing jusus christ and tellin her to be baptized! and tonya is kenroys daughter she is 19 and loves church and she is plannin on gettin baptized on the 12 next wendsday! its crazy good though! then zipporia is tonya's taughter and she is 7 so she will be baptized shortly! its been such a great weekl! i love you all and hope your have a fantastic week as well!!! Love Elder Hazlett 

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