Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

i was guna wish you happy birthday last week but i got totally distracted!
our Elders quarm president is competing for first place in a michael jackson dance competition he is super good!
this week was transfer calls and i am supprizingly staying here with my companion Elder Grange! he is awesome and really helps me Expecally memorizeing and such! he is such a great guy! he reminds me alot of chris andrew! any ways the couple people that we had set for baptism fell are not lookin so hot for this week but we still have one set as our goal! so we are prayin for a miracle! as preach my gospel teaches pray for and expect miricles!
it sounds like everything is going great back home! ill always struggle bein away from home! (the river) but i have learned that if i just channel that thought into something spiritual and dont think about how much i miss it it will be alright in the end and ill be able have the spirit with me! the hardest part is just staying focused in lessons! i try so hard and yet one little thing gets my attention and then im in lala land! haha its okay though! the branch is amazing we just got a new branch mission leader and he is so excited to help us out with anything and everything! most of the time we can just send him a text sayin hey how are you doin? and he will respond with pick me up at 4:30! it is awesome and also he got this list together to have all the members go along with us that he takes around to every class on sunday! he is a boss!!
this week we have been lookin for am apartment and its real hard here to find a good one but we just need to find one and move in! i hope we will find one soon! anyways i hope you have a fantastic week i think i have a sinous infection which makes it so my whole right side of my head achs and i cant help it! its alright it will just help me focus on that instead of the river! its aight! just hurts a bit! no worries everything will be just fine! :) Love you all Love Elder Hazlett

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