Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Thank you so much for the inspiring words!!! The things that you say to me every week, are really helpful, even if they don't seem so important they really are! Before i begin i have a few business items to take care of first off my debit card expires in march, and i will probably need a new one! If you send it in the mail it will get to me just fine! :). Also this next week is Carnival and it is not good so next week we will be able to email on Wednesday. During Carnival, we are required to stay inside for Monday and Tuesday.
Now, for the fun part!! This week has been great, A little slow but it turned out alright. It was stake conference, and we were able to hear from the stake and mission Presidents, as well as Sister Mehr. Elder Gamiette of the 70 who was the mission President before President Mehr also got to address us, it was awesome. Only one investigator (Eutriz) showed up for church but she loved it! The rest of the week was good. It has been a little hard, but hey that's life! ITS AMAZING  how much time flies when your having fun!
Today for our activity, we had the opportunity to go to the beach. It was a long drive! We drove after getting lost and getting rear ended by the sister missionaries that were following us (there used to walking and riding bikes)  the impact was not hard so nothing happened to the cars it was just funny. When we got to the beach; after almost 3 hours, we played football (American style) and i forgot how to play it! Ha ha o well it was a lot of fun! then we went and got bake and shark which is like a scone and fried shark inside it! it was great, taste just like fish! ha ha o and one of the Elders here has an amazing memory and he can recite movies from begging to end and so we had him do the Incredibles and it was amazing! i wish i could do that and then to bring the spirit back because that's probably not the best thing to listen to we had him do the 20 min restoration video! It was a great way to Spend the car ride, it was awesome and we even tuned it to the MOTAB song at the right time! its been a great day! long day though!

anyways my studies are hard i try so hard to keep up with our reading schedule, but i really want to study 30 min in the book of Mormon and 30 in preach my gospel. There just is not enough for me to be able to keep up so when i get a ways behind, ill jump up to ware everyone is reading. Its probably not the best thing, but our mission president really wants us to be reading the same thing to build mission unity! Its awesome i have learned and grown so much. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve at this time! i hope everything is going great in Moab! i love you all so much keep up the hard work Love Elder Hazlett

Ps: can you send me a picture of the GMC of the front of the truck it would be awesome to make a planner cover like i did with the pimp daddy! Love Ya   

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