Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

the weeks comming i believe will be the hardest of my life and yet the best! A because its the start of the summer and B because i am still having a hard time focusing on the work! its so frusterating to me trying to focus on the work so hard and then i am alla sudden above the big drops gettin ready to drop into the red wall! then just when the wave is about to crash over me my companion says not Elder hazlett is going to tell us about this part of the lesson! ugh! i am at a total loss at what i am suppost to do! its so hard but its worth it! i feel if i take medication for it i will get depressed lol so ill just stick with it trying to get threw! its the last week of  the transfer and everyone in the zone is out of money except for us and the sisters! and o of coarse! i have found something that keeps my hands busy! cleaning! needless to say that our appartment is real clean! its funny! it makes it a bit easier to focus and thing! it is no doubt the hardest thing to be here and to be doing this work and yet it is so simple to love the people i guess thats what i am here for! to get to love the people my companion is awesome he is supper smart for a farm boy. he is the serious one and i am the  goof ball that i have always been! its been great comming here and being able to serve the lord i love this gospel! and i know that i have been called of god to be here the people here arre so friendly! i Love it here its way good to see that the sacrafices that we are making for the lord will only make this work go by faster! i try not to count down but its just crazy! I love being here every morning i wake up i try to be excited about what i am going to do today! its fun! anyways i love you all so Much did you send the shoes yet? Love Elder Hazlett  

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