Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

dad your not rigging this one alone! heavenly father is with you and he is the best boat rigger there is and besides your amazing so im sure you can handle it! how is the water lookin for this year? I hear that the weather has been kinda crazy! I know that the lord will bless us all and as Elder bednar stated that this is just the load that we need to have the spiritual traction to get and keep going! I really enjoyed that talk! it reminded me of all the good times getting wood and also going sleddin :) I love this gospel and I am so thankful for this experience to serve here in the west indies! its been crazy I have learned that we need to put the things that are not important at the moment an there moment! for me it has been really hard to forget about the river or the trucks because that is my life and havin add don't help at all! but I have been tryin to always have the articles of faith or a scripture memorized reciting it in my head and that has really helped me! of coarse it doesn't help when the senior missionaries call me and ask if they can book a river trip! haha its ok though that's what helps me relax a bit at night I just picture myself on top of the food boxes of an s-rig or on the deck of a row boat on a paco pad the beds here are not as comfortable as a paco I wish I had mine haha o well ill have it just now! this week has been difficult the members here have kinda lost trust in the missionaries and so they don't want to come teaching with us we just both got transferred in and so far we have had 2 member lessons in the last two weeks! I don't know what to do! haha I have been prayin aout it and something that came to my mind is activitys and so I hope to start an activity night here hopefully it will be good! I love being here on the mission! I have learned so much and it sceems that my attention span has grown drastically sadly my spelling has not! but that's why they have awesome computers haha any ways I love this gospel and I cannot see me ever leaving Love ya Keep strong and of good courage! memorize scriptures they will help you work miricles!!!! Love Elder Hazlett
ps. the mailing system here is fine south amarica is under some kind of disturbance I think it is the dark force! however here it an island and there for not affiliated with them haha its great! so ya the best way would be to send it regular mail or if your sending a package I would love to have those boot like style chaco shoes that I got I can polish them and get them lookin good I am in a walkin area now ant they would be very nice! Love Ya Love Elder Hazlett

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