Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

thats awesome!!! the warehouse is lookin fantastic! today is easter monday and since the people here love holidays and long weekends this last friday was whats called good friday and so alot of places were closed and then today is easter monday and so naturally alot of places are closed! but there is one email shop open today in our area! it is a small area but it is worth every effort! sadly the stores are closed :( we meed people every day who are ready to hear the gospel! now lately the lessons we have been teaching to people and the studies have been focused alot of the family! tis makin me trunky! haha Anyways! its been a great week daria was baptized and we are lookin forward for zedia's this saturday! and tonight we have a family home evening with daria and her family her step dad is not a member and cridesizes everything about the church and its actually quite funny to see what people critisize and yet they know absolutly nothing about it! i think we will show him the mountain of the lord! which is about them building the temple in salt lake city it is realy cool a newspaper writer is interviewing church President Wilford Woodruff Just before the dedication of the temple and then the writer want to enter the temple! it is really cool! he comes with a not so good understanding and then he has a brighter recolection of what it is actually about! ITS AWESOME anyways and last night we had a house meeting with another recent convert and had a couple of his neabors over to play scripture seek! i was supprized at how much i knew! lol lexy is gettin hitched to shea right? man you really want to make me trunky! hahaha o well ill just think of the vernal tennis team and that wont make me so trunky! hahaha this afternoon we are going to a ward activity and because dad said it we will be wearing our proseliting clotes to it! haha i love you dad! your my hero! anyways thanks so much for everything you do for me and also mom for your inspiring words you always sceem to say exactly what i need! tomorrow il be teaching a part of district meeting and ill be teaching on obedience! lol thank you i love ya! Love Elder Hazlett

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