Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

hey yes it was fantastic to talk to you all! made me miss everyone alot but on the good hand i am grateful for Marcus i have been feeling down a bit lately and he kept coming across my mind for some reason! it was always in conjunction with D&C 31 5-6 it was totally the spirit speeking peace to my sole i just couldnt understand what it was saying but now that i see that he is comming back it was an answer to my prayers! the spirit is amazing!!!!!!! anyways the time that we have been here in tuna puna has been fantastic! i hope you were able to understand bishop Rhamdhani! he is awesome! i love that family loads! there supper nice anyways not much else to say this week talked to you yeaterday! Love you All Love Elder Hazlett  

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