Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

hey life is good!!!!! its hard but its worth it! were in a computer shop and there is a guy who is blasting wrap music on the side its great! makes me appreciate mormon tabernacle choir! :) one of the hardest things here is everyone has loud music its cool though! its so hard not to know the new songs! lol anyways! Aleem is doing awesome! he is 13 gettin ready to be baptized on the 31 and we have been meeting with his family as well! its great! 

I hate computers! haha ya aleem is fantastic he has only been to church twice and he fits in so well with everyone i know that the lord is helping us with him and his family! i feel like i am finaly adjusting to the weather here im starting to sweat all the time like a trinie or maybe im just out of shape haha im guessing the first one! haha anyways this week has been great! i have realized that i have alot to work on as everyone already knows! haha i get into a mode ware i just want to build something and sadly i have already fixed everything that i can in our apartment! its rough but its good! i love this gospel! yesterday in church the topic was alot about mothers! and we sang hymn 292 one of my favorites! and the spirit was so strong! we do have a heavenly mother! :) it was so cool to reconize that! anyways im sorry its short this rap music and the no air condishioning is frusterating me! haha 

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