Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

This week was Spectacular! well really i just wanted to spell that word! haha it was an interesting week! we got transfer calls and me and elder bates are staying together for another transfer! he is awesome we make a real good team! haha he gets the serious things done and then i back it up by bearing testamony and having fun! haha its awesome! its supper hard not having a car now i have resorted to wishing we were driving even the oldest vehicles we have! haha i guess that makes me grateful for having all the cool toys we have lol 

any ways the time that we have had this week was short! it was super busy!! with baptisms and such going on and all the things that we have to do! i am still a junior companion but thats okay i love it! i dont have to talk on the phone at night and stuff! any ways! my companion and i are emailing in the mission office because we just happened to be here, and i heard a group of people comming up the staires and they were making alot of noise and i was thinking to myself man they need to be more quiet! and as they walked in the door it was one of the senior couples and the mission President and his wife! lol it was funny! the purpos is to have fun with everything!!!!!!! so i try to! Hehe its hard but its also fun!!! also i have been trying to focus on focusing on missionary work! lol its hard but its worth it! its hard but its worth it! i learned that the best way to get down the river of a mission is a paddle boat methood aka the missionarys in the back steering and the members paddling! it works alot better that the missionaries trying to row by our selfs! haha any ways thats my river insight for the week! or maybe just these 5 min! lol its been great being back on my mission! one thing that i miss and wish that i didnt have to shave every stinkin day! it is annoying! o well its good i guess! hard but good this mission is crazy with all the legistics that go on! i fee that you would do great here mom! haha any ways im trying to do my best at being the best i can be here and loving everyone and not critisizing someones driving even though it is real bad! haha its okay its a good learning experience! Anyways i hope everything is going great! Love you ALL Love Elder Hazlett

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