Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

this week was a very trying week for me with missing home and not feeling appreciated but its been great at the same time learning the little lessons that i need to learn yes there are people out there that are better than me in alot of things expecally studying but one thing is for sure is that although i may not have a nac for books and things i do have a nac for fixing things and with the spirit i can fix more than the stove that was not properly put together one of the electrical wires was not connected properly therefor causing it to not always work our lives are the same we sin and fall short of the glory of god and as we do that we dont sceem to work all the time! diagnostics! is the key to fixing the problems in our lives!!! sadly we cant just plug a computer into us and have it tell us whats wrong with us but we have to figure it out on our own and have someone that is more experienced help us overcome our challenges! i truly do love this gospel! i am so thankful to have been raised in a great loving family! no we are not perfect but the lord knows us best and has placed us in famlies that will help us the most!!!!! i truly do love you all even though i may not show it all that much i am truly greatful for all that you have done for me! i Love you ALL and i hope you haze a great week!!! Love Elder Jed Hazlett

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