Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

i heard chelsie read my letter to everyone haha thats so great it was a funny time my mind was just wondering it was great! this week went by slow we spent three days in the church doing senior couple stuff none of the missionaries have come in yet so we are still stuck together but the assistants came here for a couple of days to help out and we were able to get some missionary work done! One of the nights this week the church was broken into and they stole a flat screen tv and the pa system in the chapel except for the speakers it was crazy so the next day we spent part of the day with the members putting more and better lock systems on the doors and stuff it was great and then they had us go make a bunch of new keys for the church it was great hopefully we will get our companions soon and as of yet i am not training but i will be in the future some time soon its been great being here with a strong branch and its been a blessing to have a car even though the elder that is driving us around is a very scary driver im still gratefull to be in a car instead of walking! its fun!! how are things with kim and chris?? i hope everything is well with them! i wish i could see her now and see how much she has grown up! its so amazing being a missionary and i would highley recomend serving a mission to everyone the spirit you feel as a missionary is so amazing its so humbleing to realize that we are simply tools in the master mechanics hands its amazing!!!! thats great violet is turning into ivy with the reading! reading is so great haha anyways i should probably email my mission president if i have time after ill send another email! love ya loads and im so thankfull for your wonderfull example!!! love Elder Hazlett!!!!

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