Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

that's so great to hear of everything going in in moab! thanks so much for finding the new era I can print it off and use it it will be such a great thing here its just what they need this transfer has only a week left and it has been chaos the entire time I have been sitting so much which as you know me I don't like sittin much but it has really given me a great opportunity to study the gospel and to concker the challenge that our mission president has challenged us to do and I invite everyone to participate in the challenge as well for I feel that it would be a great blessing to everyone there expecally the prospective missionaries! we have been challenged to memorize a section of d&c 121 about the priesthood its long but I promis that as you study this you will be able to truly understand the priesthood its verses 34-46 its 405 words long but if I can memorize it to the point ware I can recite it no problem in just three days of an hour a day I know that you can all do it its easy I have kinda learned how to memorize stuff a lot better! I just gotta make it flow the right way and it just happens. it was hard I had to wright it out a hundred times but nit was worth it I have truly learned and understood a lot more about the priesthood! its such a great blessing to kow that we have the power to do all things but if we missuse them they will be withdrawn from us and we will be left unto ourselves to kick against the pricks and to persecute the saints and to fight against god! or in other words we are left by ourselves if we turn away and we will be left to break the rules only to receive the consequences. and also to persecute everyone around us and make fun of them and rebel against god! the devel is very cunning! and he is so  smart it kinda makes him stupid! haha what I have learned from that is that the weaknesses how they become strong is that the lord provides us with the opertunity for us to figure out our own way to do things! Im still workin on the math and spelling and stuff but it is going great otherwise! the spiritual and physical parts of us are so true I need to start excersiging more I have been so busy but at the same time I feel like I am doing nothing! one thing I have truly learned by watching hastening the work of salvation is that the missionaries are here not to find people to teach but we are here to assist the members in there missionary efforts its slow but by working with the members it has really helped me know that the lord loves us all well I hope everything is goin well there its goin great here struggles as always but they make us stronger keep movin forward!! love you all!! Love Elder Hazlett

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