Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

This week was a blast! we didn't realize that you need to thaw the turkey for so long but everything turned out alright! no one got sick! this week i have been thinking alot of the great examples i have had in my life and one person stuck out to me Brian Nelson as we went to get new tires for the cars that we have i watched as the guy put them on and it really took me back to all the times in the shop with him and everything i learned from him and also he helped me and encouraged me when i didnt think i could do things he has made me realize that our weaknesses are truly a blessing!! for if i didn't have the weaknesses that i have i wouldnt learn! i would just be there but those weaknesses nake it so everything is worth the fight! and of coarse i cant make this totally trunkie so i related it to the gospel! i may not have the strongest or toughest hands heck i can hardly open a coke bottle now but thats because i have put down the wrench and picked up the gospel! and it has truly make me realize what ether was saying in chapter 12 that our weaknesses are there so we will work on them and thats how they become strong!  

in the spirit of christmas we put up some christmas lights in our apartment and made a ton of snowflakes it was so much fun singing carols and stuff! yesterday at church it was a recipie for disaster it was fast sunday and it was raining and also the medical students have finals this week but all in all we had good attendance usually when it rains alot of the locals here stay inside its pretty funny but most of the people cane and we even had an investigator there it was awesome!!! 

The senior couple are on the island for a time so we can train them on what they need to do befor Elder dall goes home on the 17th hopefully we get the work permits so everything is not dumped on me to do all that stuff! i know i am not able to do the things that need to get done but if it comes it will probably be a treat blessing for me! for we would have to go talk to high people in the government and stuff like that and also work on computers! which i can learn it will just take some time and the lords help it will be an interesting christmas! it will be good though! the lord will provide!!! anyways i love you all and tell holly and violet that i love them and yes holly i see that you got two cats! i saw the pictures! they are wonderful!!! love ya love Elder Hazlett

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