Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

this week i have really focused on patience not just because i have had to be patient with everything but also studying it! waiting on things was something i was never really fond of! but what it has really taught me this week is when we have patience we are able to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life! instead of getting frusterated with things we sometimes just need to take a step back think about the beautiful things in life and go into solving our problems with patience! i remember when i was changing the oil in the white bus last fall it started out going easy until the oil filter would not come out it was to tight and at this point it started to snow and was gettin really cold and i was gettin frusterated then sarah pulled up and was talking to me about life and stuff and that made me step back talking to her regain my compouser and go back at it! it kept getting cold but instead of getting frusterated i used patience and a little retard strenth as a mechanic calls it and i got it off after putting a crow bar threw it lol it came off and in the falling snow i got it right off and back together its such a great thing to realize that sometimes god puts others in our paths because we dont see that were gettin iritated so he helps us! 

this week we were able to attend zone conference in barbados and yup most missionaries for zone conference have to drive a couple hours or so! we have to get on a plain and go to a totally different country lol the total time we spent in the airport this week with the 2 hour delay on the way over and the 9 hour delay on the way back was about 15 hours it was insain but we were patient and got home! it was funny to see everyone gettin frusterated and then calm down as soon as someone would say something nice or slow down and look at the beautiful things in life! 

 just happened to look up at the tv screens and saw alot of negative things about obama care and stuff like that and how the government is shut down i just thought it was cool because the prophets of old have warned us about this and its amazing to see things unfolding! still no sighs of new missionaries commin into the island haven't heard from the government i think they think they are the US government lol its been almost 4 months and they said it would take 3-4 weeks o well patience patience patience 

my companion is a great person but he is going home soon and has gotten really trunkie we have been stayin inside alot o well its hard the lord knows i have something to learn from this experience and i hope its just what i need to become like christ! i love you all its so good to hear from you! Love Elder Hazlett

ps: can i get connie's email i want to say hello! :) 

baptism in one of the most scenic baptismal fonts in the world there is no font on the island since the church is litterally a stons throw from the ocean they desided that we dont need one! haha its gorgious! alot of those sunset pictures on the dropbox are taken from the church! lol its really a beautiful place! 

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