Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

I like your profile picture it reminds me of the view i see every day when i walk out of the apartment! hahaha its so amazing here this week my companion is going home and there is still no work permits and so we will only have three Elders on the island who knows maybe someone will be leaving the island i hope it is not me!!! i love this place! well i dont have to much time but this last week we were in a threesom and we were walkin down the road when smeone yelled out to us its the three wisemen from afar so from now on i am calling it a three wise men! it was awesome! 

if you were here it would be easy to think about the river because it is warm almost to warm but thats okay! i only have gotten a little distracted with it! i heard dad and Eli went skiing that makes me jellous! i am so excited to go with him when we get back that will be so fun!!! any ways im sorry to have to run but we have a fhe appointment at 5 and so we will have to be real quick! i love you all so much! keep up the great work! happy holidays!!!!! 

ps thanks for sending the package i think its really needed! it should get threw just fine! by any chance did you remember how much it weighs?? love Elder Hazlett 

um i will be able to skype but we have not figured that out yet it is chaos as of now! my world could be fliped upside down on wendsday! so i will let you know! the senior couple is leaving for a week as well so it all is probably guna be dumped on me! :/ i guess it will be good for me! lol just like runnin highwater cat for the first time!!! haha enjoy the snow!

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