Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

thanks mom! the assistants called me on friday and told me i am being transfered to trinidad! so its going to be a new experience! i am super excited to go and start out fresh when i got here i had a fire burning and then the senior couple work that we had to do just put us into a nose dive strait into the ground and its been so hard trying to get out of that rut being in this area so the lord really knows that i need a fresh stary in arema trinidad! maybe keith served there that would be really cool if he did! i could check his investigators and members! that would be awesome!!!!! this time i have had with Elder Dohrman has been short but schweet!! he is an awesome missionary and he truly has a desire to serve and help everyone he comes into contact with its so amazing how much attitude means to everyone and if someone has a bad attitude people nodice and a good attitude people trust! anyways im glad that you are home cold safe and sound! there was no damage here from the storm but ya the lightning was amazing!!! i sat up in the window a few times to watch it and it sceemed that it was always flazhing super bright and super loud thunder like it was right there but i was way to tired to stay up and watch it so i fell asleep! 

donna emailed me about her baptism and she sceems soooo stinkin happy! she is awsome! i pray that i can have that much of the spirit with me and the attitude that she has toward the church and heavenly father. 
i am so excited to go to trinidad and be able to serve the people there i am out of the mud of a rough time and startin off fresh and excited!!!! and i get a car haha im drivin big supprize haha im not to excited but at least i have driven a little here so i have gotten used to driving on the left! it sceems normal now it will take a while to get used to driving back home again but it should be fine! anyways i love you all so much thanks for being there for me so inspiring! Love ELder Jed Hazlett

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