Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

it scared me when I read that you were sending zaks package to the mission home I thought you were talking about me! lol I have had a hard time getting into the christmas spirit because it is so warm here its hard but we decorated our apartment and it has turned out really helpfull! my companion and I have been getting along a lot better now I have learned to better serve and to help him when he is not on his a game he is super trunkie because he goes home in a week and a half and that's why I have been struggleing because it makes me trunkie! but as we went on a hike the other day to cool some steem and it was with an investigator and member we were able to blow off some steem and I carved a wooden knife from a stick that I found! it was great! it really helped me Elder Cornish told me to widdle because it is something physical with me hands and everyone knows that I am a hands on kinda person and that's how I can handle stress! it was great! the senior couple is not legally on the island but they are here and doing what they can which is great because it has allowed us to do missionary work as we are suppost to! anyways sorry I gotta keep it short some good socks would be nice! and maybe some skittles or twikies! :) love you all and happy birthday to eli!!! love ya! Love Elder Hazlett

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