Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

so yesterday was zone conference and we were able to have Elder anderson of the 70 come and address us all and boy what an experience he didnt really say alot he basically just opened up the floor to a Q&A meeting and it was great to know of the wonderfull things that the lord had in store for us we just have to go get them we cannot just sit AND let them happen that dont work you have to become friends with everyone and help them not drag them down! 

today we went to the beach and man that was alot of fun we played ultimate and it was alot of fun! then we came home and washed the car and it was really dirty i couldnt believe how dirty it was but it has never been washed before and it has 7000k on it! any ways i know this church is true and that god loves us and that we are all here for a purpos! love you loads Love Elder Hazlett

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