Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

hello family and friends!!! this last week i was transfered to Arema Trinidad and it is an amazing place with lots of potential we have really been striving to work with the members lately and it is really cool to see the members light up with the spirit of the missionary work! they have been inviting friends and family and having alot of fun with the members here we have also threw our own efforts contacted and talt mamy lessons!! one of which was the other day and in the morning we do spiritual exchanges which are just like role plays but better! we are able to learn more and were able to get out of the door with the spirit and excitement that we need as missionaries! my companion is Elder Grange and he is awesome!!!!! he reminds me alot of chris andrew!! which is probably why he is so easy to get along with because he has the patience and understanding that chris has! its awesome the lord was truly inspired to put us together!! 

one of the mornings after the spiritual excanges we went to teach this lady named eutris and she was a contact and the first lesson but i felt like restoration was not what she needed to hear so we opened up the book of enos and as we read her eyes got big! and i was not feeling the spirit as much as i should have i was kinda just going threw the motions and then after we got to verse 11 in enos i stoped and asked her very bluntly and boldly not really expecting her to say what she said! i aksed once you find these things are true? will you be baptized and before i could finish my sentence she said excitedly OF Coarse!! and it really hit me off guard and i said thats gre... wait what thats incredable alright so we set up a return apointment for wednesday and she said she has a friend she wants to introduce us to and he will be there on wednesday 

we left the car parked by her house and went and talked to some people and when we came back to the car a couple hours later she called our hey this is my friend i was telling you about and she looked at him and said these are the guys i told you i gelt different about and so once again we sat down and shared the same thing with him and he said almost the exaact same thing and we gave them a book of mormon and it was amazing to see how the lord prepares his children and yet he will wait untill two diligent and loving missionaries will come into that area! i am so excited for this transfer and its going to be such a live changing experience for me! and for all those i meet! and i am so thankfull for the oppurtunity that i have to be here and to serve everyone here this gospel is amazing! and it is such a great blessing in my life!!!! any ways i hope everyone is doing well i am doing fantastic! i really couldnt be better unless i had all the scriptures memorized that i should!!! any ways i love you all and keep up the good faith! with love Elder Jed Hazlett


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