Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

thats so awesome that people are gettin married and such! im excited for this next summer of guides! i hope Everyone will be able to learn fast low water is good for new guides! it has really helped me look at the bright side of things!! im guessing lexy married shea?? i Hope your hireing lots of girls for me and zak when we get home! hahaha! but im not focusing on that! im focused on the work here and working with the members is such a great blessing the previous missionaries kinda got caught up in some drama of the branch and so the members kinda lost trust in the missionaries! and i could see that in them when i first came into the area! now i aint perfect but i do my best! the most frusterating thing is P day because is is something different and you dont really know how to go about it! its funny i kinda relate it to the river its like doing cisco's all summer and then throwing you on a scout trip! hahaha its rough! the worst part that is so frusterating to me is loging onto these blasted computres! it always takes like 5 min of me trying and then i have to get someone else to do it for me! i wish i could just always be loged on or something! anyways life here is good!!!!! its alot of fun! my companion and i are teaching the blair family who the dad is a recent convert and his wife and daughter are investigators! andrea his wife is kinda strugling about workin on sunday but the daughter tanyah is doing great she has been reading every day morning and night and we can really see the light start to glow in her it is awesome!!!!!! amyways i gota get going love you all so much! Love Elder Hazlett

Ps. cody is the olders girl from jaye right? i remember stoping by there house some time ago and meetin her and a few siblings! 

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