Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

thanks Joe Andrew and dani! there is an elder in our zone who reminds me alot of you joe!! andrew your erreplacable and dani lol i have a picture of you rowing dad's boat threw rapid ten sittin on my desk! everyone thinks it is soo cool its great to have such wonderful examples like you all! 

We play alot of sports and on the other islnds we went to the beach alot more because it is close and here in trinidad its about an hour away! the city here is called arema and we are actually not in the city it self we are across the highway! if you look an the church website under meeting house locater you can zoom right into the arema chapel! its awesome my companion is just like chris andrew except he is more mello the contacting is the same throught the mission on the english side people are to scared to knock on peoples doors so everyone just calls inside the house! what ya do is stand by the gate and yell inside! its great! i like it alot better than knocking! the bag that you sent is at the assistants apartment so we are going there to get it right after we are done emailing the smiths just took everything out of the box and put it in the bag and took it to zone conference in barbados and the aassistants got it here thank you so much for the birthday wishes and also for the bag! i love the quotes that mom says at the end of her emails the first page of my planner is full of quotes from people and mom! its great take a deep breath and put your back to the wind and row!!! love you all hope your week will be awesome! if you et a chance look at alma 50 16 haha love you! love Elder Hazlett

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