Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey Everyone!! Its been a Crazy week. So far its Wednesday and we have not taught a single lesson lol its great! we were stuck inside for carnival because its basically like a big drunk person party all thought town so ya but luckily we got permission to go to the church to an activity so we spent the days there playing with everyone and having a great time playing games and bbq it was awesome! also if you have ever played or heard of a game called risk ware you take over the world ya i totally dominated yesterday using helimen's strategy of protect then take over hahaha it was great! 

anyways the most frustrating part of missionary work of coarse is the computer stuff! i wish everyone had the same computer and it was set up the same way! but it never is! lol o well ill figure it out eventually maybe. I am so thankful for the patience that i have acquired over the few months and the ability to get over my pride and be able to serve more fully and way more effective! i love it here! and i found out something that i need to do!!! district meeting was today and we learned about how to study! and of coarse i applied it to the river and i remembered something that Sarah said to me one time! she said you really loved your mission! because you talk about it all the time! and so i figured out what i need to do is make the scriptures my river and get to know them as well as i know the river! so that's what i am going to be doing as i study ill be paying close attention to things just like i would be if i was dropin into the big drops! and as i do that i know the lord will bless me for doing that! now hopefully i will go on the scriptures more than on the river! it aint no seasonal thing!
thats what i am doing!!!! this week! hope everything is going well with you all over there i love you all and i hope you have a fantastic week! love Elder Hazlett

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