Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

second nephi 9:39 if we keep the councel of the prophets ans smile because we are spiritually minded then we are truly doing whats right! i know this gospel is true! the success this week is we had a baptism of Mia Kong who is 11 years old and her family went less active when she was 7 and so she didnt get the chance to be baptized it was anamazing experience to see the change in her family her mom and two brothers marcus and malcolm both were ordained priests in the aaronic Priesthood and it was really amazing to see the change of heart they went threw as they were fllowshiped back into the church! i love this gospel so much! that was probably the highlight of our week! i cannot believe how fast time is going by! if you think about it i would be getting home in two weeks from now how rediculos is that! supper fast time has flown! on that note david archuletta is gettin home soon i bet the girls are super happy and excited! hahaha any ways how is the water lookin for this summer? did dad get rid of the blue and green buses yet? if not we should pull one of the motors out and pit i in the green weenie! its the same maker so im sure it would fit! haha just somethin i thought of randomly this week i promis i am not home sick! thats just how i think! lol! any ways other than that we are movin into a new apartment! it sceems that i am always moving something around haha i guess that is something the lord has blessed me with the ability to move stuff! haha o well its fun! My companion and we had two inestigators at church on sunday and we have a baptism this week thursday hopefully two andrea is for sure and tonya is still skeptable but she is totally ready! they both know that the church is true they just need to do it and feel the spirit with them! i love this gospel and i know the church is true! I love you all and i hope you have a great week! Love Elder Hazlett

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