Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

this week is transferes :( :( :( i am leaving arima and i am headed a couple miles down the road to curepe which is real close to the mission home and mission office! i am supper excited because it means i get to work with the assistants a bit more and also i get to this wednesday go eat dinner with my original group who came out with me just over two years ago! it will be sad to see them go but i was thinkin as i was waiting to take the written test to get my trinidad drivers license ( no i only got the light motor vehicle license, was tempted to get the commercial license haha) and i was thinkin that i have gotten to the point ware i feel totally comfortable with the people and the surroundings. it has been really cool to see the changes that i have gone threw i feel it has been so dramatic that even i have nodiced! haha i took the test and after the usual of filling out a few of the wrong questions on the sheet i went back and correctly was able to fill it out withought gettin distracted once! haha it was way cool! and i passed the test! :) horray!!! thats live haha anyways this week has gone by so stinkin fast! this past year has its crazy to think just one year ago i was still gettin ready to go! but also gettin ready for the river! i have learned so much out here and i can now read a whole page of the book of mormon in 3 min! sadly my spelling has not gotten much better! haha nor grammer if i really try i can do it but i feel that if i do that then i will run out of time! haha life here is great i love it! this next transfer i am blanking the area or whitewashing it whatever you wish to call it! i am just gratefull that i am not training as well! haha that will be at a later time! :) any ways i love you all! hope you are happy i am so greatful for your prayers! Love Elder Hazlett

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