Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

as for jacob kory and jake ya otta read with then first nephi 4: 30- 35 and talk to them about how nephi saved the servant of laban from being lost and thing and then turn to 2 nephi 1 30- the end of the chapter and teach them that because nephi grabed him that he and his posterety will be blessed and we see throught history that they were blessed as long as they stayed faithful! also get them involved kory will come if it is something fun maybe a camping trip or something same with jake colyer for jacob i just want you to tell him how much i love and appreciate him in being such a great example to me and always being willing to go out and have some fun with me even though he didnt see the fun in it! he is really an amazing guy! 

the last couple weeks have been chaos but good its not to usual for us to blank an area but sometimes due to different sircumstances the lord sees fit to do so! i feel after talkin to the bishop it is that the lord wants us to get the members involved! and frankly i need to learn just how to do that! there is a member here who served with mike neson in florida and he is awesome his name is Naresh sookhan he is really cool and i hope we will be able to work with him a bit to really get the members excited about the work! also what the west indies mission is focusing on is whats called a house meeting which is just that its just like fhe but on different days of the week! there fantastic we will be starting one here shortly.

this first picture is the baptism that we had a coulpe weeks ago of mia kong she is the girl in the middle she is 11 years old and her baptism reactivated her whole family who have not been to church for several years! it was awesome! :) the second one is the baptism of andrea Blair and kenroy her husblan was baptized in december and tonya kenroys daughter went to guyana shortly after that and will be gettin baptized soon and hopefully going on a mission! the blair family is awesome they remind me alot of our family they have a 7 year old daughter zipporia who is just so funny! they are awesome!!!! its been great here i truly love life and i love being a missionary! just last night my companion and i were walkin back to our appartment around 7:15 which is supper early for us but we had noone to go visit i was kinda frusterated and so i said a prayer asking heavenly father to fill our time! now i knew heavenly father answeres prayers but that quick?? as soon as i asked for his help i felt like ella enchanted my body turned right down the street that is parallel to the one our apartment is on and as we walked a ways i saw a lady sitting against a tree almost in tears she was just so vexed at life and could not take it any more i immedatly raddled off the first part of the restoration about god is our loveing heavenly father and spent just a short time with her and at the end of the 10 min lesson she was so much more relaxed and at ease and she told us how her husband had died a couple years ago and her 5 kids were father less and it was was such a great experince! low and behold the lord promped me to keep goin up that street and go over to our street on the next one and we met some great people up there and needless to say we were almost late by the time we got home it was such a cool Experience! the lord will help us he is just waiting for us to truly ask with real intent to follow!! Love ya Love eder Hazlett 

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